S city high school, third year class 1.

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Ruan Ning stared at the blackboard in a daze. 


She transmigrated just like that?!

A second ago, Ruan Ning was still at her house preparing to go to sleep and the next second, she was suddenly in a classroom.
Her mind also had memories that were not her own.

Through these memories, she gathered that she had transmigrated into a novel where the male lead rebirth in a post-apocalyptic world.
Due to the spread of an unknown disease, mankind was plunged into a state of panic.
When someone got infected by the disease, they would turn into a monster aka a zombie.

Zombies wouldn’t feel pain and they survive by consuming human flesh.
Moreover, once an uninfected person got bitten by the zombies, there was a high possibility that the person would turn into a zombie.
As a result, the world population had halved in less than a week after the outbreak.

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On the bright side, not all hope was lost as there were also humans who developed supernatural powers.
These powers helped mankind to fight for survival.

Before the rebirth of the male lead Gu Yi Cheng, he possessed the most destructive lightning ability.
After rebirth, he gained a new space ability which was a little different than the space ability others had.
The amount of things that the male lead’s space was able to hold could rival that of a mini-mart right from the start.

Furthermore, the outbreak of the disease would happen today at 3:30pm during the P.E.
class later. 

Ruan Ning suddenly shot up from her seat and her chair made a piercing sound against the floor.

The teacher looked over and asked: “Ruan Ning, what’s the matter?” As Ruan Ning had good grades and was also one of his favourite students, Teacher Gu wasn’t angered and was just puzzled over why she stood up.

Ruan Ning was freaking out and she quickly replied: “Teacher, I’m not feeling well.
Can I excuse myself to go to the infirmary?”

The teacher thought that Ruan Ning had always been an obedient girl and from how pale she looked right now, she didn’t look like someone who was faking illness to skip class.

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In a concerned tone, the teacher replied: “Go ahead, if you’re really feeling unwell, you may go home early.
I will write you a leave permit.”

“Thank you, teacher.” Ruan Ning actually wanted to bring her bag along to make it easier for her plans later but gave up because of the excuse she gave the teacher.

After exiting the classroom, Ruan Ning didn’t go to the infirmary but to the school’s gates.

Time does not wait for anyone and Ruan Ning did not even have the time to fathom why she transmigrated.
What she needed to do now was to gather supplies before the outbreak happened then settle down at a relatively safe place.

As for what she should do in the future, Ruan Ning didn’t have time to think about that now.

It was currently 2:30pm.

There was one hour till the outbreak happened.

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