PTB Ch.6 – Evil Dragon and Princess

In the game, Murphy had finished clearing the battlefield and was now flying back to its lair.

Meanwhile, the live broadcast room was being bombarded with messages.

“Amazing, Brother Long! How can one person take down an entire guild like that?”

“Oh my god, three hundred people wiped out just like that.
This is going to be a huge embarrassment for Dragon’s War.”

“A group of mere adventurers dared to cause trouble for Brother Long.”

“Brother Long should hold a special session on dragon disasters and launch a monster siege.”

“Yes, a monster siege! What’s the point of killing adventurers in the wild? If you have the guts, attack the main human city, Brother Long.
If you do that, I’ll send you some rockets.”

Murphy looked at the barrage of messages and was left speechless.

Monsters are laying waste to the city.

  Although Murphy was deeply immersed in the game, he still maintained a hint of self-awareness.
He knew that his calamity-level boss could easily slaughter human villages and towns, but attacking a well-fortified human city with a large number of heroes was a different matter altogether.
He was certain he would meet his doom if he dared to do so.

  Unless Neltharion personally led the black dragon army to unleash a catastrophic dragon disaster, there was little he could do but follow along and gather some plot points.

  But on the surface, he couldn’t afford to show any signs of timidity.

  ”Pathetic mortals! I am amazed by your cruelty towards your own kind, but fear not.
It’s time for those arrogant humans to be humbled.
Perhaps I should obliterate their cities, raze their kingdoms to the ground, and make them remember the days when death and fear reigned supreme.”

This speech elicited a few outbursts of excitement, but Murphy suspected that there had been too many empty promises made in the past, leaving most of the audience still skeptical.

“Okay, enough talk, let’s see some action,” said one of the viewers.

“I mean, just last month you said you were going to attack the city with monsters, but in the end, nothing happened,” another viewer chimed in.

“Brother Long, Lordaeron is too scared to fight, and Stormwind City won’t dare to touch us.
So why not go to Stromgarde or Gilneas? And if that’s not feasible, at least try Alterac.
Stop talking big and start doing something,” urged a third viewer.

As the comments in the live broadcast room gradually changed, Murphy resolutely ignored them.

“Damn, these viewers are impossible to please.
They complain if I talk too much, and then they want me to attack a whole city.
My Black Dragon BOSS account is still just one guy! I can’t act that recklessly.”

In a story battle, there was no way to revive the dead.

“Forget it, I’ll just ignore them.”

He turned off the barrage function and flew back to his dragon’s nest.
Upon landing, the young dragons that had stayed behind flew out to greet him.

At the entrance of the dragon’s lair, the dark dragon guards formed two rows.
These elite monsters were part of his family and were not usually sent out to battle.

Murphy passed through the Dragon Fire Corridor, the Obsidian Palace, and the hatchery, until he reached the deepest part of the dark dragon’s lair – the Longmian Cave.

The cave was immense, made of volcanic rock and filled with countless black stalactites hanging from the ceiling.
It was the final boss room and also Murphy’s favorite place to stay.

Murphy lay down in the cave and took stock of his earnings for the day.
He had more than 300 players and over 400 pieces of equipment.
Not every player could afford to buy the BUFF from the Goddess of Luck’s temple, so it was normal for one or two pieces of equipment to be dropped randomly after being killed in battle.
However, players engaged in life-threatening activities generally did not wear the best equipment.
More than half of the over 400 pieces of equipment were green equipment, and there were even some white gear mixed in.

The attitude of this group of adventurers was really insincere, and they deserved what they got.

Less than a hundred pieces of blue equipment were picked up, and there were only a dozen or so pieces of purple equipment.
Murphy didn’t bother to check each piece one by one and instead recycled everything below the blue grade directly.

A system prompt appeared: “Recovered 439 pieces of equipment and received 17,985 loot points.
You can either turn them into drop items or exchange them for coupons.”

Loot points are the universal currency among BOSSes.
When adventurers defeat a BOSS, they earn equipment and items that are converted from loot points.
If the BOSS doesn’t have enough loot points, the system will deduct attributes, experience, skills, and even body parts as spoils for the adventurer.
This means that any BOSS entering a dungeon must have enough loot points, or they risk losing their body parts as spoils.

For instance, Murphy knew of an unfortunate red dragon who had his loot points depleted after being defeated too many times by players.
As a result, the equipment that dropped from him included parts of his body, such as a Dragon Tooth Blade, Dragon Wing Cloak, Dragon Scale Battle Armor, and Dragon Eye Emblem.
Each time a body part was lost, the corresponding piece of equipment would decrease in strength.
Eventually, the red dragon became unrecognizable, missing teeth, scales, and even an eye, and the player had to delete the account.

Since developing his bomber Build, Murphy has only been defeated twice and is now in an almost invincible state of harvesting, with enough loot points to sell for money.

Among BOSS players, this thing can be exchanged for RMB on a one-to-one basis with Chinese yuan.

Murphy had earned almost 20,000 yuan in a single night, not to mention the rewards from the live streaming room.
It was a very fruitful harvest indeed.
It was a shame that this type of good fortune couldn’t happen every day, or it would become mundane.

Murphy planned to put the dozen or so pieces of purple equipment on the auction house, estimated to be worth tens of thousands of yuan.
In Firmament World, BOSSes couldn’t trade directly with adventurers, and any obtained equipment had to be recycled by the system.
It either had to be thrown into the loot pool and wait for the player to kill and recover it, or the system would recycle it.

However, this was not a problem for Murphy, as the BOSS’s loot pool could be bound to a treasure chest in the dungeon.
Murphy directly placed these purple outfits in the treasure chest.
Typically, the treasure chest could only be opened after defeating the boss, but occasionally there were exceptions, such as when the boss was asleep or when the person had the master lockpicking skill.

Every week, a dwarf thief would come to the copy of the dark dragon’s lair to steal the treasure chest.
Murphy pretended not to notice and redirected the mobs guarding the treasure chest away.
He watched the dwarf thief “steal” the equipment, and a batch of equipment was laundered easily.
It was much more profitable to sell the equipment for 91% than to recycle it directly for loot points.

Afterward, Murphy lay on the cold cave floor, soothing his limbs and wings.
He felt the angry dragon fire in his body gradually subside.
After a while, he slowly curled his body again, like a real animal.
He enjoyed this immersive experience that made him feel like he had truly transformed into a dragon.
It would be perfect if there was a huge pile of gold coins to serve as a bed.

Unfortunately, this peacefulness didn’t last long.
A woman with a golden exclamation mark above her head emerged from a small hole on the side.
She wore a court dress, had brilliant blond hair, a very beautiful face, and wore a crown of gemstones.
At first glance, one could tell that she was either rich or of noble status.

In that moment, she gazed at Murphy with disappointment etched on her face.
“Are you still alive?” The woman asked.

Murphy opened one eye, looked at the woman before him, and smiled.
“Well, well, if it isn’t our princess.
Why do you seem so displeased to see your old friend return safely?”

She stared at him, the answer obvious.
As the dungeon leader, Murphy could see the attribute panel of this woman.

Catherine Thorbane (Princess of the Kingdom of Stromgarde): Level 17, quest NPC, HP 340, mana 10.
Available quests include:

Quest 1: The Princess’s Evening Dress.
(Tailoring professional quest, requires expert tailoring skills).

Quest 2: Princess’s Jeweled Crown.
(Jewelry professional quest, requires expert jewelry skill).

Quest 3: The Princess’s Luxury Carriage.
(Engineering profession quest, requires expert engineering skill).

Quest 4: Escape from the Dark Dragon’s Lair.
(The difficulty level is high, and it is recommended that players form a team to complete it).

Quest 5: Dragon-Slaying Warrior.
(Epic quest, the quest item [Morpheus’s Head] is required).

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