PTB Ch.13 – Brother Long is Doing Well

Guarding the Obsidian Hall was the fearsome Dragonblood Ogre Mage, Duriel, the second boss.
Murphy had initially underestimated the ogre’s prowess, but he soon realized the wizard’s devastating lightning storm could inflict substantial damage, weakening the enemy’s forces and reducing the pressure on their team.

Suddenly, a system prompt announced Duriel’s chosen combat strategy: “Cluster Casting.” This was a wise decision, for as an ogre wizard, Duriel commanded a host of spellcasters, including four goblin pyromancers, four ogre flamebringers, and eight kobold fire division members.

However, while these minions were skilled in magic, their mana reserves were relatively low and they were prone to quickly depleting their mana stores.
With the “Cluster Casting” strategy, all friendly units on the battlefield shared their mana reserves, resulting in a 30% increase in mana recovery speed and casting distance.
This ensured the maximum durability and range of their firepower, which was crucial in this battle.

As soon as the adventurers entered the obsidian hall, Duriel sprang into action.

“Unexpected that you were able to defeat that foolish Borax,” sneered the ogre mage.
“But don’t be too pleased with yourselves.
You are nothing before the great Duriel.
My magic will rip you to shreds.
Storm, earth, and fire, heed my call!”

With a deafening roar, a dense field of lightning materialized around Duriel, as though the very god of thunder had descended upon the world.
The Goblin Pyromancers and Ogre Flamebringers under his command raised their staffs and began casting spells in unison, creating a massive magic circle that linked everyone’s magic power together.

For a moment, the Obsidian Hall was ablaze with radiant magic power, the light of flame and thunder illuminating the room with an awe-inspiring force.

The adventurers reacted quickly, and Midnight Dharma God raised his staff——Advanced Flame Protection Barrier! A huge red cover rose to protect everyone.

  At the same time –

  Lightning Storm!

  Fire Missile!

  Flame Burst!

  The dense magic blazed towards the adventurers, but the trails of flame that filled the sky all hit the barrier and were blocked.
Explosions sounded one after another, but the red cover remained motionless.

Thankfully, this enchantment proved to be ineffective against lightning storms.

With a resounding clap of thunder, lightning bolts rained down upon them like a barrage of arrows.
Some were struck and twitched, while others’ hair stood on end.
However, being high-level players with a blood volume of 800, 900, or even over 1,000, they could still withstand a lightning bolt or two.

As the lightning struck, the white glow of healing spells burst forth, illuminating the battlefield.
Most of the 15 caster professions present were healers, and they immediately began to cast their spells: Healing Wave, Healing Barrier, Tranquil Rain, and even the bards sang the Song of Healing.

Beneath the colorful healing magic, the charred bodies of the adventurers one second were healed the next, as if they had never been struck by lightning.
No one’s health dropped below 50%.

At the same time, ten sharpshooters unleashed a volley of arrows upon the monsters.

Spellcasters, on average, are thin-skinned, and monsters are no exception.
They stood no chance against the concentrated barrage of arrows, and one by one they fell, pierced through like hedgehogs.

As Duriel watched his comrades fall around him, he screamed in anxiety, and called forth all of his magical power.
“Lightning storm! Lightning storm! Lightning–” he cried, just as a figure rushed towards him.

With a fearless determination, the figure executed a “Fearless Slash!” The Dragon Slaying Sword sliced through Duriel’s body, cleaving him diagonally in half from the neck down.

The strike was devastating, dealing a critical hit of 95,000 damage.

A [World Announcement] was made: “In the year 1437 of Firmament Era, the human hero Dawn Excalibur vanquished the dragonblood ogre mage Duriel at the Dark Dragon Nest.
This historic event has been recorded in the Sky Chronicle.”

Murphy was speechless for a moment.
He thought that the previous three boss battles could drain his opponents’ strength.
But one slash and it’s all over.

Is this fucker raiding a dungeon or slicing steak?

He had reservations about the tactics he had just considered.
Although the high-level flame protection enchantment was powerful, it overly restrained flame attacks.
The triple area-of-effect damage he had prepared was all fire-based, making it obvious that he was being targeted.

Moreover, the adventurers on the other side were not to be underestimated.
Their healing ability was too strong, and even if his triple flame attack managed to penetrate their barriers, it would likely not be enough to win the battle.
The lava spray would only last for 60 seconds, making it difficult to overpower them within that time.

Additionally, the ten sharpshooters posed a significant threat to the black drakes, which had less than 8,000 HP and would not be able to withstand two rounds of volleys.
Once the black drakes defeated, the lava spraying would also end, leaving only one dragon and likely resulting in a game over.

He knew that he had to change tactics.

At this time, the barrage in the live broadcast room became lively again.
 [This Midnight Dharma God is so broken, his magic damage is so high, and the defensive magic is so strong.
I feel like adventurers is a trash compared to heroes, like how Dawn Excalibur kills bosses in seconds.

  [Nonsense, it’s all money, gold-level heroes cost two or three million at least.

  [2 million? The lowest-level gold hero account is 2.5 million, and these two are in the middle of their epic advancement quest, max level, maxed out gear, you couldn’t even buy it for twice that.]

  [Damn that’s rich, five million to play a game.

  [Five million is nothing, I have a friend who spent more than five million on League.

  [These two heroes really screw Morpheus, one opens the enchantment to block the dragon’s breath, and the other wields his sword to kill.

  [Brother Long, let’s go.

  [Brother Long, let’s go.

  [Brother Long, walk slowly.

  [Brother Long is immortal.

  【Brother Long will always live in our hearts.

  [Brother Long, why don’t you give up and sign the Dragon Knight contract? I actually really want to see what the Dragon Knight looks like.

Seeing a row of comments talking about “Brother Long”, Murphy cursed their mothers angrily.

“These fools couldn’t even muster a few kind words,” he grumbled under his breath.

He knew it was impossible for him to sign the dragon knight contract or anything of the sort.
Perhaps if it were a dashing heroine, he might have considered it in order to save face.
But the two old men who stood before him now were not worth the trouble of such a sacrifice.

Even though they were all working to earn a living, Murphy had his own principles to uphold.

As he surveyed the lineup of the raid team before him, Murphy knew that there was no such thing as a perfect team.
The opponent’s lineup was strange, so there had to be some hidden weaknesses beneath the surface.

After studying the team for a while, he had finally found a weakness.

This team seemed powerful, with the ability to kill monsters as easily as if they were chickens and slaughter bosses like dogs, all thanks to their impressive output capabilities.

However, when compared to an average team, they had a fatal flaw – they had no tanks.

Out of the 30 adventurers, there were only five melee fighters, all of whom were agile types such as thieves and scouts, incapable of serving as frontline defense.

The only one capable of withstanding the monsters was the hero Dawn Excalibur, a swordsman who wielded two-handed weapons.
But strictly speaking, he was not a true tank, as he didn’t even carry a shield or wear armor.

Despite his impressive muscular physique, his defense was likely not particularly high.

The reason he had been able to survive thus far was largely due to their sheer DPS.
If he could defeat the mobs before they could even get close, there was no chance for them to inflict damage.

If he could find a way to defeat this guy, then everyone else would be easy pickings, and he could finally achieve his goal.

But this guy’s hit points must be incredibly high.
He had been sprayed with a mouthful of fire from Borax before and didn’t even flinch.
He must be equipped with gear that increases his resistance to fire, too.

Moreover, with Midnight Dharma God providing cover, it might be impossible to defeat him with dragon’s breath alone.

Perhaps physical attacks were the answer? Murphy considered the possibility of this plan carefully.
He didn’t have much talent when it came to hand-to-hand combat skills, but the Black Dragon Lord was a giant boss, and his physical attack power was undoubtedly impressive.

With a suitable combat strategy, he might be able to kill them.

Murphy quickly thought up a tactic.

Phase Transition: Behemoth of War + Death Fury + Summon Dragon Priests.

There would be a 50% physical damage bonus from Behemoth form, which also added a crushing effect on attacks.
When combined with the 50% damage bonus under Death Fury, his melee damage could reach a truly terrifying number.
Additionally, the priests could use Bloodlust to further enhance his attack speed by an additional 30%.

At that point, it would be possible to deal thousands of damage with a single strike.
No matter how powerful Dawn Excalibur may be, with only a bit over 6,000 HP, they could be taken down with just two or three hits.

Once the hero was eliminated, all that would remain would be easy pickings.
They could be killed randomly and without much difficulty.

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