Overbearing OverLord

Chapter 2: Levelling Up

rent realm, you can have an opportunity to break through to a higher realm than Fledgling. To speak of, the Fledgling realm is not even considered a real realm to the world standard of soul realm practitioners. One would start the real journey of realms practice once they reach the Adept realm. In laymans terms, you are not a true realm practitioner yet. The soul realms have five known realms to mankind. From Fledgling, we have the Adept realm, Substantial realm, Supreme realm, and the mythical Deity. The powerful people who are ruling this world are in the Supreme realm, and in time immemorial, no one has ever managed to reach the mythical Deity realm yet. One thing you must understand is that each realm has ten levels which are very difficult to breakthrough to a higher level. ”

”Lets look at me for example. I am a level eight substantial realm, and it took me eleven years to reach this height, even though I grew up in a rich house full of resources to help me to level up to the higher levels of the Substantial realm. I started levelling up at seven years old, and I am now seventeen years. You can imagine how long it will take you to reach this height at your current age because it is only easy to level fast as a young person. You look twenty-five, and at this age, your foundation should have been established and solidified a decade ago, but now I doubt you will ever reach the Substantial realm in your entire life without establishing a strong and firm foundation in your childhood time. ”

Her short explanation started piquing his interest in the soul realms topic. As someone who played tons of video games in his previous life, the concept of levelling up and being the strongest began to excite him a little.

Philip muttered to himself, ”Fledgling realm, Adept realm, Substantial realm, Supreme realm, and Deity. In simple terms, its just fifty levels, and no one has ever entered the fifties? ”

Philip noticed something and he asked, ”If nobody has ever reached the mythical Deity realm yet, then how do you explain the Gods? ”

Princess Violet was puzzled by his question.

”What do you mean? ”

”Hmm!? There are Gods in this world, right? They must be in a mythical Deity realm or even above that right? ”

”The Gods in this world? Are you sure you are right in your mind? There are no Gods in this world. All the Gods died in the lost record of time, and we can use the scale of mortals to measure their power. ”

Philip Mod, ”… ” ( If all the Gods died in the past, then why did those four brats claim to be a God? )

”Wait a minute? aren Gods supposed to be immortal? How can they die? ”

With her beautiful enchanting eyes, Princes Violet gazed into His eyes and continued talking while still wrapping her hands around him.

”It is rumoured that all the Gods fought in the past so that only one true God can remain to rule Elsania, but they were captured and killed by a powerful God who have found the cheating advantage of separating himself into many clones of equal strength, and he killed all the Gods mercilessly. The people of that era who shared the bloodlines of the murdered Gods hated him to their core, and anybody who worshipped him or was rumoured to have his bloodline became the enemy of all mankind. To this day, his name is not supposed to be spoken for it is a sin to speak of his name. To this day, no one knows if he is still around in Elsania. ” Princes Violet explained. ”

Philip Mod, ”… ”

Princess Violet Beta, ”#^_^# ”

”So tell me, Princess. How does one level up? ”

”Heh? Are you serious? Okay! Okay! I was not planning to insult you. Why did you frown? Hem! There are four ways to level up. You can level up by killing powerful creatures and absorbing their soul power, but I must warn you though. If you kill humans you must avoid absorbing their soul power because your aura will resemble those of demons, and you will be hunted by all humans and be killed wherever you go. ”

Philip Mod, ”… ”

”The second method is by cultivation. There are thousands and thousands of methods to cultivate soul power, but these methods are secret taboos that can be shared with outsiders. Each family, guild, sect or school have their methods which can only be learned by being part of them. Or if you have a special bloodline, you can even create your methods that can surge your cultivation of soul power to increase the speed to level up. ”

Philip Mod, ”Interesting. ”

”The third method is by consuming expensive elixirs and other materials. This is the safest method, but its downside is equally great. For example, if you get strong by this method, you will never be stronger than those at the same level who used other methods to level up. This kind of levelling method is best suited for those with a firm and solid foundation. I will advise you to avoid such a method at all costs. ”

Philip Mod, ”… ”

”The fourth method is by impartation. Those with higher soul power can share and impart it to another person of their liking, but the sharer receives damages in their sea of soul power and there is a higher possibility for them to die in the process. Soul power impartation can never be forced. Only those who are willing wholeheartedly can channel and transfer their soul power to another person. ”

Philip Mod, ”I see. Interesting. ”

”Rosa! ”

”Master? ”

”What exactly are soul power and soul energy? I remember you said my soul power and soul energy are higher than those of Princess Violet, but her realm is far ahead of mine that she can sweat killing an insect like me. Please make me understand. ”

”Master! In laymans terms, soul power is your health and experience points, then soul energy is your magic mana, and soul realm is the level of your strength or power. The higher the realm, the higher the soul power and soul energy level, but you have a special bloodline, the bloodline that only you have in this entire world. Your soul power and energy are higher than most who are strong, however, your strength is weak. Those at the same level as you will never be your match. Your realm requires you to get higher soul power to advance than your peers who can advance with the small portion of soul power gathering. ”

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