Overbearing OverLord

Chapter 1: Deliver Unto Master!

you do? Why am I here? ” The beautiful girl said as she emitted an aura that is too terrifying for Teboho Thema.

”I am Tebo… No, I am Philip Mod… ”

As Teboho Thema was talking he was interrupted by an angry shout.

”You lowly commoner! Do you dare to talk with this princess while you are not on your knees? You are courting death! ”

A force of pressure overwhelmed Tebo… No, it overwhelmed Philip Mod and tried to force him onto his knees, but Philip tried with all his might and he resisted the pressure.

He was first shocked at how can such a beautiful girl release a powerful force from her body to force him to kneel, but he was even more shocked at how strong his body is to be able to resist such a force.

Since when did he become this strong? Was it the strength left by the previous soul or it has everything to do with the tampering of body and the bloodline given to him by the four boys calling themselves Southern Mountain God?

Even he doesn know why he feels so strong. He doesn have the memories of the previous soul, and he only has the memories of his previous life.

”Kneel? Courting death? Hey Miss! How can you say such terrible things to a stranger you just met? Why should I kneel? On top of that, I am not the one who brought you here… ”

”Fire Ball! ”

While Philip Mod was still talking, the peerless beauty shouted, and a red hot fireball the size of a football appeared on her hand, and Philip Mod could feel its hotness from a distance.

She mercilessly threw the fireball towards Philip Mod with her might without any hesitation with an intent to turn him into ashes.

Philip Mod sensed the danger that threatens his life from the quickly incoming fireball and he jumped and smashed to the side wall with breakneck speed as the fireball miss him and blast to the stone far away from him.

In his previous life, he didn experience such senses, and he didn have the level of reflexes he just displayed now.

In just a second, he avoided death.

The fireball exploded violently like a bomb, and that scared Philip Mod to death.

The entire cave trembled and shook from the effect of exploding fireball.

”A trash at level one of fledgling soul energy can avoid my attack? How is that even possible? Why don you just drop and die worm? Stop resisting and deliver yourself to death! ”

Philip Mod was scared and pissed at the same time and he didn know what to do. Though he played video games, he didn know how to fight in the real life of his previous life. He doesn have magic or fighting skills right now because those four young boys taught him nothing.

Philip asked in his heart, ”How can I survive this violent confrontation? ”

”Lady! Stop being unreasonable. Why are you attacking me? I don even know how to use magic and defend myself… ”

While Philip Mod was still talking, the peerless beauty charged forward like a lightning and she left after images as her speed becomes fast.

Surprisingly Philip Mod could still see her regardless of her speed, but he couldn move as fast as her even if he tried with everything in his body.

The peerless beautys hand moved back in anticipation of to strike, and Philip Mod felt his body getting cold as he smells death.

Her fingernails thickened and stretched like small daggers as her hand approaches Philip Mods throat.

”Die! worm! ”

The lady shouted with fury as she strikes the throat.

Philip Mod screamed as he tried with all his might to dodge.


Philip Mod managed to move aside a little, but the nails missed as they managed to cut the side of her neck.

Blood shot out like a water sprinkler as the lady passed and jump far away to avoid dirtying herself with blood.

Masaka felt like his new life is finally over before he can even live it. He doesn have twenty minutes of being in this world, but he was already being attacked to death.

As he covers the side of his neck with his hand, he felt soothing warm energy and blood suddenly stop as the wound miraculously closed with visible speed.

In four breaths time, the wound was already closed, and the peerless beauty stood there and watch with shock.

”Who is this person? Trash at level one of fledgling soul energy can dodge my speed, and his wound recovers like hell. Who are you scoundrel? ”

”Lady, I am not your enemy! Please leave me alone. I am not the one who brought you here. ”

”You are the only worm I could see in this cave. How do you explain all of this? I give you ten breath time to explain. After that, you are a dead paste of meat if I am not convinced. You should also explain why you can recover instantly. ”

Philip Mod was stressed out and because of fear, words couldn come out of his mouth any longer.

Philip Mod thought to himself, ”If I had the memories of the real Philip Mod, I should at least know what to do in this situation. Right now I can even defend myself, this is infuriating. This lady is a psychopath. Today I am dead meat for sure. ”

As Philip Mod was in despair, he suddenly heard a voice of a woman in his head.

”Master! You have five empty slots available right now, and you can create skills, spells and combat techniques to defend yourself. ”

As Philip was about to ask who is talking, he saw a figure of a beautiful mature woman dressed in white in his mind.

”Master! This is your servant as you can see. I am part of your bloodline. I will help you with everything you need. ”

Philip spoke in his mind, ”Quickly, how do I use magic? ”

”Master can create spells and fill the empty slots before you can cast the spells using your soul energy. With your bloodline, you can create any skill or spell you desire. Just tell me what kind of spell or skill you need and I will create it immediately. ”

”Quick! Create a fireball spell for me and fill one of the slots! ”

”Master! A fireball spell has already been created, and with the rule of equal exchange, the fireball will consume your souls energy to cast. To cast a fireball, just imagine it and call it. Master still has four empty slots remaining. ”

”Thank you. Why didn you notice me earlier? I nearly died you know, and you just kept quiet. ”

”I was waiting for Master to command me, but I realized later that Master doesn notice my existence. I have some advice for Master, can a servant dare to advise Master? ”

”Shoot! ”

”Master! Your opponent is much stronger than Master with leaps and bounds. With your current level as a level one fledgling soul energy practitioner, your fireball will not even leave a scratch on a level eight substantial soul energy practitioner like her. ”

”Damn. So what should I do? ”

”I have good news master! Your soul power and soul energy are higher than the Masters opponent. I advise Master to create a soul spell that will subdue her into submission. Master will have a pawn and new servant to protect Master. ”

”Something like that can be done? What is an equal exchange when is used? It sounds too good to be true. ”

”The spell will cost Master ten years of life span. Since Master has one hundred and ninety years of life expectancy, ten years will not affect Masters vitality that much. Subduing her, Master will remain with one hundred and eighty life expectancy. ”

Philip Mod, ”… ”

The peerless beauty was enraged because he gave him enough time to explain himself but he is still spacing out.

”Worm, your time is running out. I gave you enough time to explain yourself. Don blame me for being merciless in the next four breaths. ”

”Master! Is my advice not good? ”

”I think it is good advice. I can defeat her. Trading ten years of my life is nothing compared to dying now. Do it, create the spell. ”

”Master! What should I call the spell? ”

”Deliver Unto Master! ”

”The spell Deliver Unto Master has been created. With the rule of equal exchange, the spell will cost Master ten years of his life span to cast. The effect of the spell will cause the targets soul to be bounded by the Master, so the target will never mess with the Master or disobey even if she wants to. Master still has three empty slots remaining. ”

”Forget about those empty slots for now. Now lets focus on the fight. ”

”Yes! Master! ”

”You keep calling me a worm. You think highly of yourself little girl. If you can come before this Daddy and bow down three times calling me Daddy. I will consider forgiving you for your earlier attempts to kill me. ”

”What… Did… You… Say? ” The peerless beautys eyes turned red as she fumes with rage.

As the royal princess, she has never been disrespected like this before.

She looked at Philip Mod with fury and her killing intent shot to the roof. Her body emitted a violent aura that infixes Philip Mods heart and fills it with nothing but terror.

As Philip sensed danger and her killing intent surging like hell, he didn waste any time and called out his new spell.

”Deliver Unto Master! ”

A dark purple light with black smoke emitted from Philips body and instantly charged towards the peerless beauty.

When the peerless beauty saw the dark purple light charging, her heart nearly stopped because the speed of the charging spell was faster than hers. She felt an ominous and frightening aura coming out from the spell and she turned away to run.

Fear spread on her beautiful face, and as she was about to run, she felt her heart being pierced by terrible dark energy, and she fell to her knees unable to run any further.

”Bloodline girl, the spell hit her. Did it work? ”

”Ah! Master, why are you calling me bloodline girl? Can you give me a better name? Master! I have good news, the girl is now Masters servant. She can not do anything that will harm or betray Master even if she wants to. ”

”Good. Bloodline girl, I don know your name. What can I call you? ”

”Master, I have no name. I was born from your bloodline today to be your servant. This servant begs Master to bestow a name upon her. ”

”Your name is Rosa. How about that? ”

”Wow! I love it, Master. I will cherish this name with my every being. ”

”Now let me talk with my new servant to see if the spell worked. ”

Philip approached the girl on her knees with caution, she just fell on her knees and didn try to stand again and run, but Philip approached from behind.

”Worm! What have you done to me? ”

Philip Mod, ”… ”

The girl stood and still gave Philip a cold gaze.

”What is your name? ” Philip asked with caution.

”You want to know my name now? Huh? Then, behold peasant. This Princess is known as Princess Violet Beta from the prestigious kingdom of Beta. I am the second daughter of king Dingo Beta and the fifth child. I have three big brothers and one big sister. Are you satisfied? ”

Philip Mod, ”… ”

Princess Violet Beta ”Humph! ”

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