Chapter 8

I was bullied at school.
I'll definitely beat him up one day.

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent


The next day, Monday.


The day of the week that is hated the most in the world has begun.


Well, I am one of them.


Right now, I’d rather go to the dungeon than school, and I’m worried about the look on Sato’s face yesterday.


Feeling a bad premonition, I walk to school with a heavy step.


“Hey, Goken.”


As I arrived at school, Sato was waiting for me, leaning against the classroom door as if he had been waiting for me.




I greeted him bluntly and went to my seat.


But there was a scribble on the desk.


Sato saw it and laughed at me.


The cronies around me started giggling as well.


What kind of childish bullying is this?


I immediately got a rag and tried to wipe it off.


Then I saw the graffiti and stopped moving.


There was something unbelievable written on it.


[Your sister is doing papa-katsu, isn’t she? Let me do her too.]


[Nana Mitsurugi loves her father’s XXX.]


[Bitch who opens her legs for anyone with money]


Where did this rumour come from?


I don’t know, it must have come from a punk my sister contacted or something like that.


Was that what Sato was seeing my sister about yesterday?


Nana is a freshman at the same high school.


She is a freshman at the same high school and is well-known as a beautiful and popular girl.


So Sato must have known about her.


And he did a lot of research.
And this is the result…


I was trembling with anger.


I didn’t care what happened to me, but I couldn’t forgive my sister.


“Hey! Sato!”


I called out to Sato in a voice so low that even I couldn’t believe it.


My clenched fist trembles, almost bleeding from my own strength.


“Oh? What? Did you get angry? Was it true after all? Ha ha!”


“No! Nana didn’t do that!”


“No, you don’t have to hide it.
You’re poor, aren’t you? You eat only bean sprouts, right? If you want, I’ll buy your sister for you! For 1,000 yen? Gyahaha!”


With a vulgar laugh, Sato laughs at Kenya.


Why is this guy a holy knight, occupation [prick] or something?


I angrily punch Sato.


But he avoids me and hits me back easily.


“You incompetent! Your little fish, don’t be so arrogant!”


Sure enough, I fall to the ground.


The difference in strength is too great, and I can’t even brush off my sister’s stigma.


“Hey! Everyone! This Kenya’s sister is a prostitutel!”




“Wasn’t she pretty cute?”


Sato agitates Kenya even more.


Sato’s cronies around him laughed along with him.


“Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!”


The cronies call out.


They clap their hands and yell at me several times, making me, and Nana, a laughingstock.


“Take it back!”


I get up again and again to rescind, but each time I get hit and fall to the ground.


I cry out in pain and frustration.


I’m so weak that even my sister is being treated unreasonably.


“He’s crying, man. I’m starting to feel a little sorry for him, see?”


And Sato throws me some coins.


“Pick it up, poor guy.
It’s charity.”


The coins are thrown, and the classroom is filled with nothing but my sobs and the sound of metal.


I almost unconsciously reach for the day’s food money for my family lying in front of me for a moment.


I felt even more miserable with myself for doing so.


Rattle rattle rattle.


“Hey, sit down~”


The teacher comes in and the commotion comes to an end.


He asked me what had happened, but I could only say that nothing had happened.


If they were to pursue the matter, Nana would probably hear about it.


So I silently wiped the scribble, and my water spilled onto the wet desk.


Sato laughed when he saw it, and his gang of delinquents laughed too.


Kenya left the school with a miserable feeling.


He headed straight for the dungeon.


He turned his frustration and misery into anger.


Some comic book said.


[Get angry.
Strong and pure unforgivable anger is an unshakable driving force to move your limbs.]


I did as he said and stored up my anger.


I hoarded my anger toward Sato, which I could not dissipate at that time, and I dove into the dungeon.


I told Ai that I would take tomorrow off from school, and I told her that I was going to spend the day until tomorrow.


So today, I’m going to give it my all and dive into the dungeon.


My goal is to complete the knight series.


And then evolve the knight series and beyond.


And then…


“I’m going to beat Sato to a pulp!!!!”


With that single-mindedness, Kenya gathers up the bracelets of the soldier series and repeats the alchemy.

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