Chapter 4

Do you like big-breasted, beautiful, bespectacled older women?

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent


There was a big-breasted sister standing there.


In fact, the first level of this tower was a free space where people could freely come and go from outside and take things in and out.


There was no appearance of demons, and a wide open space spreads out.


This first level is used as a reception area for the dungeon.


So, you would think it was an office of some company, but it is also lined with a cafeteria and a weapon shop.


This tower has a radius of 10 km, so the space is very vast, and the first level is like an underground city.


And the central part of it is the central plaza where the entrance to this dungeon is located.


Many staff members, called navigators, are taking care of the dungeon explorers in their charge and buying what they have brought back.


“I was already worried that you were behind schedule, you know? We almost sent out a rescue request!”


Pnpnpn, shaking her huge breasts, the older sister puts her hands on her hips.


“I’m sorry, Ai-san…”


I look at her breasts as I apologize.


They are swaying even more today.


This person is Ai Nakano.


She is 23 years old.


She graduated from university last year and started working here.


She is a newcomer, but she is an excellent navigator for this dungeon.


She is also my supervisor.


She has short bobbed hair, round glasses, and a big chest.


I don’t mean to be rude, but huge is probably the best word to describe her.


Why are they so big even though she is so slender?


It was as if all the nutrition went to her breasts.


It is not my fault that my eyes naturally fell on them, it is a normal physiological phenomenon.


Ai is a very sexy lady.


Of course, she smells good, I didn’t smell it, okay? It just drifted over.


“Next time, be sure to come back on time! And then, since you’re solo with E-rank equipment, never go above the second level!”


Soloing is not recommended unless you have C-rank or higher equipment.


Even in a party, you must be D rank or higher or you risk your life.


“Yes…I’ll do my best as best I can.”


I reply, feeling like I’ll be let off.


Then, Ai-san glared at me with cold eyes.


I was thrilled.


Ai-san seems to have the qualities of a queen.


She still looks angry, so I rephrase.


“No! I will remember it for sure!”


“Very well! Then, do you want to exchange today’s harvest for cash?”


“No! No, I’m good for today! I’ll come back tomorrow!”


“Yeah, well, make sure you apply again tomorrow before you come in!”


And I leave and start running.


Today is Saturday, and as a student, I can only spend long hours in the dungeon on weekends.


Besides, I have important things to do today.


I have to go to the battlefield…



“Time sale starts! Eggs for 50 yen each! A pack of meat for 100 yen!”


I was on the battlefield.


I was not fighting monsters.


No, they were monsters called housewives.


They were like orcs, though I had never fought one before…


Damn! What power!


They push me away.




If I were the usual me, I would have lost here.


But today I am different.


Today I am a knight.


Equipped with the knight series, I am the knight who protects the meat and eggs.


“Got it!


And I succeeded in buying eggs, meat, and the usual bean sprouts.


I can see my sister’s happy face.



“Wow! My brother bought eggs today! What? Could this be…?”


“Oh, it’s meat.
And it’s beef.”


“It’s been a week! I can’t believe we have both meat and eggs! Something good happened!”


My sister squeals with delight at the dish of fried bean sprouts, meat, and eggs on a plate on the small table.


Our family’s daily food budget is really five hundred yen.


When trying to feed two growing high school students, it is usually bean sprouts.


We always had to fill our bellies with a large amount of bean sprouts stir-fried with yakiniku sauce.


So on the days when meat was available, it was like a festival.


“Oh, I’ve got a good thing for you.
I’ll tell you after we eat.
Let’s eat it before it gets cold!”





“Oh, it was delicious! So what’s going on, big brother?”


“First of all, I have to tell you something.”


“What? What is it? I’m scared.”


The younger sister was relaxing, sipping tap water.


Kenya’s voice trailed off as if he was having trouble saying it.


Looking straight into his sister’s eyes, Kenya told her.


“Please don’t do papa-katsu…”




Nana spewed out the water.

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