Chapter 20

Big Business is Amazing

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent


“So this is the building where Tanaka-san’s company is located…”


It’s a prime location in Tokyo.


The headquarters of companies I’ve heard of stand side by side in this office district.


I look up not at the towering tower, but at the towering building from directly below.


It is so high that I cannot see the top from here.


It seems that the company is located in this building.


The business card says that it is between the 30th and 35th floors.


“It’s like they and I live in completely different worlds.”


Three people live in one 10-mat room.


Looking around, adults, who clearly live in a different world than Kenya, a poor high school student at the bottom of the pile, walk around in suits and look busy.


(I’m glad I was in uniform, I would have definitely been out of place if I had been in plain clothes.)


I haven’t bought casual clothes except at Uniqlo for a long time, and recently I haven’t even bought any.


I would rather pay attention to nutrition than to fashion.


The amount of nutrition I can get from bean sprouts is limited.
Or rather, very little.


And then I open the huge door.


There are no ominous patterns on the door, but an automatic door made of transparent glass, polished to the point that I can see through it.


“Um, I have an appointment with Tanaka-san from Weapon Corporation…”


“Excuse me, may I have your name?”


“Oh, I’m sorry.
I’m Mitsurugi.”


“Please wait a moment…Yes, you have an appointment.
Please take this keycard and use the elevator  to go up to the 30th floor.”


“Thank you!”


I enter the elevator with my admission card.


What’s that? Isn’t this elevator bigger than our house?


The elevator is so big that it looks as if it could accommodate a car, and it travels to the 30th floor.


The ground is far, and the difference in air pressure makes my ears a little uneasy.


‘We arrived at the 30th floor.’


In front of me sits a beautiful lady at the reception desk with a large logo of an axe and sword, the same as on my business card.


“Welcome to Weapon.”


“Excuse me, I’m Kenya Mitsurugi, I have an appointment with Tanaka-san…”


“Yes, I’ve been informed.
Please follow me and I will show you the way.”


The lady was very polite and gave me a business smile, even for a high school student.


And then I was guided.


In the room I passed on the way, there was a man who looked like an explorer like me.


And then I was taken to a room in front of the president’s office?


I was taken in front of the most luxurious room, and the door opened by itself.


I thought it was amazing that it was automatic, even though it looked like an ordinary door, but it was just a person coming out from inside.


“Well, Issei-san, I’ll take my leave now.”


The guy who came out from inside with a cigarette in his mouth was a middle aged guy with a friendly atmosphere.


He was a muscular man in his 30s with stubble, who looked like a mercenary and didn’t fit in the office district at all.


He is.


“Tendo Ryunosuke!”




His sharp eyes shoot through me.


I shuddered in an instant and couldn’t stop my cold sweat.


The world’s strongest explorer.


I hear that even the Self-Defense Forces with their modern weapons cannot stop him.


I would be killed in less than a second.


“Ryu-san, you can’t smoke in here, okay?”


‘Hey, receptionist! You’ll get killed!’


The lady warns the man who looks like a ferocious beast and yet is like a sharp knife that smoking is prohibited, you are the one who knows nothing about fear.


“Hmm? Ryu-san? You look kind of friendly.”


“Tsk! You look like a pain in the ass woman.”


Tendo-san extinguishes the cigarette with the palm of his hand.


Wow, it looks hot, isn’t it? But what a thick palm.


Are these the hands of a warrior, an explorer who has been fighting on the front lines for 20 years?


And then Tendou-san left.


“I’ve known him since he was just starting out, though I was just a child then.”


“Oh, I see.”


Tendou-san had a fledgling career?


It’s not surprising, but it’s hard to imagine from the man that men would love to be with, THE Aniki.


“Hey! Kenya-kun! You came!”


Tanaka-san calls out from inside.


It’s a great room, as expected of the president’s office.


I go inside, it’s probably expensive equipment.


There are some very strong looking equipment on display, as expected of a company specializing in equipment.


If it is your own equipment, you can see the explanation if you look carefully, but you cannot appraise the equipment whose owner is unknown.


Once you equip it, you will be able to see it.


I sat down as Tanaka-san led me to my seat.


“Well, Kenya-kun, let’s talk about business.”


And the business meeting begins.


The other party is a powerful CEO who is on the rise, and I am just a high school student.


There was no way I could be his opponent….


“Ah! Before that! Kenya!”




“Are you hungry?”

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