my imagination, but my legs feel light, as if the fatigue I felt earlier is a lie.


My heart pulses, telling me to go quickly.
I change in an instant and open the door.


Let’s go, ♪ Riding on the back of a silver dragon♪


Well, mine is not a dragon, and it’s more of a crotch than a back….
No, let’s not go any further.


And the Garden of Eden, which is less than one tatami mat in size, opens.


I can’t stop my excitement!


From the door that opens so vigorously, this smell that irritates my nostrils!


What is this smell? …but all I can smell is the usual shampoo?


“Hmmm, Kenya-senpai, funny, what did you expect?”


“No, I didn’t expect anything.”


I just wanted to heal my tired body as soon as possible.


“Misuzu! What are you doing!”


“I’m going to take care of you, so I thought I’d at least rub your back…”


“No, it’s okay! It’s all right!”


I pushed out Misuzu, who had entered without permission, and took a shower.


(It’s a little too stimulating.)


The virgin Kenya had a hard life.


Only Kenya knows if it’s really hard or if he’s happy.


◇ Misuzu’s point of view


(Kenya-senpai is kind of cute.
Even though he was so strong and cool.)


Misuzu gets out of the bath and dries her hair while smiling and playing with her phone.


(He’s not like the guys I’ve meet before…)


Misuzu left the facility.


The reason was sexual harassment from the men at the facility.


The men began to look at Misuzu sexually as she grew up.


One day, she was attacked.


Such are the common reasons that abound in the world.


Misuzu, who had nowhere else to go, was left at the mercy of the men.


Disgusted with these days that continued for a while, she ran away from the facility.


But she had nowhere to go, so when she found herself cowering near a train station, a kind-looking man offered her a place to stay.


But he was only after my body.


But he let me stay and paid me, so I had no choice.


I was patient and did as he asked.


And the next guy, and the next guy, and the next guy.


Every man who stayed with me fucked me.


Someday I felt no more resistance, and something broke inside me.


I hated it so much, but I was happy to be wanted.


To be wanted and needed by someone.


Only then, only for that time, I was filled with an uncontrollable happiness.


I was not needed by anyone.

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Not even my own parents.


But all men want me and need me.


(I wonder if Kenya-senpai will seek me out too? I’d be happy if so.)


She has become inflected, a girl who knew sex before she knew love.


What is the cause? Who is to blame?


Is it the world’s fault, her fault, the men’s fault, or bad luck?


No one knows for sure.


But one thing is certain: she is a victim.


And the only thing at the end of this dependent life is destruction.


But now….


“I’m out of the bath, Nana!”




“Senpai, I’ll dry your hair!!”


“You don’t need to…”


“Come on, come on, hold still! I want to do your hair!”


“No, no, no!”


“Misuzu! Don’t seduce my brother!”




This small, shabby, dirty place.


But it is still very warm.


The space of only one 10-tatami mat room is cozy from the bottom of my heart.

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