Chapter 13

The Big Boss Battle 2

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent


The duel was decided with one stroke of the sword.


What I felt when I received the first blow from the goblin general’s martial sword was the same as that of the hobgoblins.


(What is this?)


I tried to push him away while we were in a brute-force battle.




The goblin lets out a pained cry.


Then, I put all my strength into it.


The sword sliced the general in half.


The goblin turned to ashes and disappeared.


Menhera, who was watching the scene from the corner of the room, raised a shocked voice.


Come to think of it, I haven’t even heard her name yet.


“Oh, Onii-san is amazing! You’re so strong.”


And then Menhera-san rushes over to me and hugs my arm.


I thought a soft touch would wrap around my arm, but there was hardly anything.


Too bad.


But still, shaken by the faint feeling of touch, Kenya responds with a slurred voice.


This stimulation is tough on a virgin.


“No, no! The equipment was just so strong!”


“So does that mean you’re rich?”


“No, I guess I’m poor…”


“Well, I don’t know…”


“Well, let’s go to the next level anyway, there should be a gate to the surface.”


Then a treasure chest appears from the goblin general.


It is a copper-colored treasure chest.


Kenya opens the box as if remembering.


Inside was an accessory.


“Is this an accessory…? Is it a goblin necklace?”


There fell a necklace made of goblin ears.


I don’t want to equip it because it’s in bad taste, but I don’t have any accessories yet, so I have no choice but to equip it.


(Ugh, disgusting.)


Ability compensated for DP points?


I equip it anyway.


Then the effect of the accessory is that I get 1.1 times more DP.


“This is pretty good stuff.
I wonder what it becomes when it evolves.”


I knew it as an item.


And this item does not sell for a very high price.


Because it only works on explorers, and because it is 1.1 times more powerful, it is not a very strong accessory.


While I was thinking about this, Menhera-san(Hera-ko) spoke to me.


I don’t know her name, so I give her a nickname on my own, but of course I don’t say it out loud because it’s rude.


“Um, Onii-san? By the way, I haven’t told you my name yet, right? I’m Suzuki Misuzu, and I’m in my first year as a JK!”


For some reason, Herako, excuse me, Suzuki-san, emphasizes the JK part and goes with an upward glance.


“I’m Kenya Mitsurugi, and I’m a sophomore in high school.”


“Oh, so you’re a Senpai! Do you want me to call you by Senpai or Kenya-san?”


“Just my name is fine.”


“Okay, Kenya-san.
Then I want you to call me Misuzu too.
Suzuki is everywhere.”


Herako leaned in closer to me.


I thought it would be rude to all the Suzukis in the country, but I agreed and called her Misuzu, since I know friends who are Suzuki.


“Oh, okay, Misuzu.
Let’s proceed to the gate for now.”


And they enter the gate.


The destination of the gate was the 10th level.


There, a grassy plain spreads out as far as the eye can see.


There are many buildings that look like houses, but I don’t know what they are for.


It is hard to believe that there are people living here, but why are there houses?


These houses are managed by an organization called the Dungeon Association, which has jurisdiction over dungeons.


Ai’s occupation as a navigator is also a member of the Dungeon Association.


And then there are those who are transferred from the central gate along with the light.


They must have just transferred from the first level.


There are several large gates in the center of this 10th level.


There is a blue gate leading to the first level, a red gate leading to the 11th level, and gates for the 20th through 60th levels.


The 60th level was recently opened by the Yoi no Meisei (Evening Star) guild.


However, we still can’t use it because we have to transfer once from the other side.


“Well, let’s go back to the first level.”


Then, Misuzu is looking at someone, or is she staring?


I looked beyond her gaze and saw two men laughing and talking loudly.



“Yay, I finally got rid of that annoying woman.”


“I tried to put her in the Party because she’s a supporter profession, but she was really just weaker than me and I couldn’t use her.”


“Oh, it’s no way to split a week’s worth of earnings three ways, it’s a good thing I left her behind.”


Their unpleasant conversation was probably referring to Misuzu.


It seems that he and Misuzu had been working together as a Party for about a week.


It seems that he didn’t like the promise of splitting the earnings three ways, so he decided to leave Misuzu behind, pretending that she got lost in the dungeon.


“So I guess it was a bit of a waste…”


“Don’t do it, sure she’s cute, but I’m pretty sure she’s a menhera, she’s a mine.
You’ll get stabbed.”


“No, she’s not! And she looks like a bitch!




What an uncomfortable conversation.


But that doesn’t mean you can just leave them in the dungeon.


It was a good thing I happened to be there, but if no one had come, I might have starved to death there.


With Misuzu’s strength, she would not be able to descend from the eighth level or defeat the boss on the ninth level.


Thinking of that made me irresistibly angry.


It was just like Sato, Sato No.
2 and No.


Perhaps sensing my anger, Misuzu stopped me.


“It’s okay! I deserve to be thrown away…”


Hearing Misuzu’s sad voice and seeing the smile she made, my anger reached its peak.


No one deserves to be thrown away.


At least, I would never abandon someone because they are unnecessary or incompetent.


Kenya, who understood the reason why he and Misuzu were similar to each other, walked toward the men.


He clenches his fists tightly in anger.




Then I tapped him on the shoulder and punched him in the face enough to not kill him when he turned around.


I thought I hit them lightly, but I seemed to have misjudged the force.


That’s the power of a king.

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One of the men flew off like a amusingly.


Just like in a comic book.

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