Eugenie was smaller than Viscount Aston.
Since Viscount Patterson was taller than Viscount Aston, it was no different than saying that he was frightened when he saw Eugenie, who was smaller than him.

Viscount Patterson’s face turned red again at the sound of people’s laughter.
He looked angrily at the Duke of Germarot, and the Duke had no choice but to step out.

“Sir Aston must have helped.”

At the Duke’s words, laughter stopped in the dining room.
But Elliot still had a smile on his lips.

“Why call Lady Biscon for help? I don’t know because I’ve never seen Lord Aston, but he must be shorter than Viscount Patterson here?”

Quite the opposite.
But the continued comparison made people laugh again, and Otis shuddered with shame and shouted:

“No! They said they were attacked during a prom!”

Then the restaurant became quiet again.
People widened their eyes in amazement at the shocking fact, but Viscount Patterson continued confidently.

“I heard from someone I trust.
Lady Biscon assisted Lord Aston in attacking Viscount Aston during the ball.”

“You are being rude.”

Eugenie said reflexively.
Not only was it not true, but it was rude to say such a thing.
She added in an angry voice.

“My father and Viscount Aston have maintained a long-standing friendship.
What you just said is an insult not only to my family, but also to the Aston family.”

“But no one has seen Lady Biscon at the ball.”

Duke Germarot, who was watching, interrupted.
He looked around at the people and continued talking.

“I heard that Lady Biscon disappeared in the middle of the ball.
Can you tell me where you went?”

Where did she go? She went looking for Julia, of course.
But Eugenie couldn’t say that.
She went looking for Julia who had disappeared, and she became a suspicious person for that.
She came to the ball, avoided her companion’s eyes, and rumors spread about what she’s been up to.

Eventually, Eugenie got up from her seat and she asked.

“Are you interrogating me now?”

“It’s not like that, but if you’re innocent, you can prove it.”

She didn’t go there to be treated like that.
Eugenie tried to tell Elliot that he had to stop.
But Elliot asked, as if it was strange.

“Then, can the Duke prove where he was and what he was doing at the time?”

“What? Why me?”

“Because the Duke wasn’t even there at that ball.”

“I didn’t even attend!”

Elliot did not raise an eyebrow at the Duke’s scolding.
He said with a funny expression.

“Isn’t that the perfect way to escape the suspect? Since he didn’t attend, everyone won’t suspect the Duke.”

“That’s rude!”

“Oh, am I being rude?”

Elliot looked back at Eugenie as he smirkingly asked.
This was what the Duke did just now.
He looked straight at Viscount Patterson.
And he asked curiously.

“Did you say you were a trustworthy person?”


Viscount Patterson also shouted proudly.
A smile appeared on Elliot’s face.
That smile strangely frightened Viscount Patterson.

“That is strange.
I heard that Viscount Aston was found in the bedroom.
You mean the Viscount’s informant went into the bedroom and saw Viscount Aston being attacked?”

When asked if the informant was really the informant, Viscount Patterson’s face hardened.
That’s a really strange story.
If, after entering the Viscount’s bedroom and seeing the Viscount being attacked, he remained silent until now, it was highly likely that he was the culprit, not the informant.
Realizing that fact, the people started whispering again.
Elliot waited until people whispered enough and then she opened his mouth.

“Can you tell me who the informant is?”

“What, what?”

“Are you an accomplice?”

“What, what?”

Viscount Patterson’s face went white.
He really just listened.
In fact, it was a lie to say he was a trustworthy person.
No, the person he could trust was right.
That’s what he heard from Duke Germarot.
However, there was no way he could say that he heard it from the Duke of Gemarot right now.

“I, I say Lady Biscon is an accomplice…”

“It was told by a person suspected of being the culprit.”

Elliott would not allow Viscount Patterson to continue speaking.
He cut off the Viscount’s backside and then cast his gaze at the Duke.

Duke of Germaroth.
He didn’t like him that much before.
However, the Ducal family now ends in Ronald’s generation.
Therefore, he just thought that there was no need for him to touch it.

“Oh no, I…”

Viscount Patterson looked at the Duke in bewilderment.
Seeing his gaze asking for help, the duke sighed inwardly.
It’s just a little embarrassing, he didn’t know why they dragged it in.
Ronald had no choice but to step out.

“You only asked because you had doubts.
Don’t be too sensitive.”

“Then, tell me where the Duke was at the ball, too.”

Eugenie quickly counterattacked at the Duke’s words.
Suspicion? Take that suspicion, too.

“Me? I was at home.
My servants can be witnesses.”

They would.
The Duke’s servants would tell them that the Duke was there even if he wasn’t there.
As Eugenie went looking for Julia, she tried to remember who she met.
But she wandered around so much that she doubted whether the people were seeing her.

“It’s all right, Lady Biscon.”

At that time, Elliot spoke to Eugenie.
What’s okay? He spoke again to the bewildered woman.

“You can tell me what I asked for.
I can’t let you suffer this humiliation for me.”

What was he talking about? Eugenie blinked, not knowing what Elliot was saying.
Elliot grinned at her then turned his head towards her people and said,

“It was because of me that Lady Biscon was not seen at the ball.”

“What, you two?”

Viscount Patterson exclaimed in surprise at Elliot’s words.
Then, as if he knew it, he began to laugh.

The two of them were out of sight? A plausible story began to flow in people’s heads.
But Elliot didn’t let them do that.

“Don’t get me wrong.
I only spoke to Lady Biscon because I had a favor to ask.”

“I wonder what your request is.”

Elliot grinned at Viscount Patterson’s words.
He got up and stood behind Eugenie’s chair.
And he said, putting his hand on the back of the chair she was sitting on.

“I have heard that manners are very important to nobles.
I asked Lady Biscon to introduce me to a teacher of manners.
But now I see…”

His gaze turned to Viscount Patterson and the Duke of Germarot.
Then he started to look at each and every one of the people sitting in the dining room.
For Elliot were the same as the humans who invited guests and mocked them, and the humans who only watched them.
He looked at Viscount Patterson for the last time and continued.

“I was worried for nothing.”

People’s faces turned red.
The mocking of Count Burns by Viscount Patterson and the Duke of Germaroth.
And for treating Lady Biscon as a criminal.
Both were things one shouldn’t do when inviting guests.
No, she wasn’t invited, but even if she was invited, they shouldn’t have done it.

“I’m sorry, Count Burns.”

Eugenie stood up and apologized to Elliot.
The sudden apology brought questions to the faces of Duke Gummarot and Viscount Patterson, as well as everyone else in the dining room.
She walked over to Elliot without looking back at the people.
She then held out her hand to him and continued her words.

“I gave the Count an excessive fantasy.”

People were at a loss for words at Eugenie’s accusation that the aristocracy was an overestimated fantasy.
She added, turning to the Duke as Elliot took her hand.

“If I had known I would be treated this way, I would have reconsidered the invitation.”

Just like that, Eugenie dragged Elliot out of the dining hall.
Elliot looked behind them as he took her hand and left, and he grinned.

What was that? Unlike the angry Lady Biscon, the Duke was speechless at the sight of Count Burns, who was not so angry.
When he turned his head, everyone in the dining hall was staring at the Duke with hard expressions.
No one would criticize Ronald right away.
Because he was the king’s uncle, but everyone agreed the Duke had been rude, that he had crossed the line.
And it was going to spread quickly in the social world from the next day.


Eugenie, who came out of the mansion and got into the carriage, quickly apologized to Elliott.
She should have told him in advance that the Duke was such a person.
Of course, today was a little more extreme.
His behavior towards Elliot as well as towards Eugenie was shockingly rude.

“My mother will protest through Her Highness the Queen.”

That would take some time.
She had to send her letters to the queen, and the queen had to deliver them to the king.
However, Eugenie had no doubt that the king would call the Duke of Gemarot and caution him.
He acted embarrassing and interrogated his guest, no matter if he were a Duke.
It’s not something that just goes away.

“It’s okay.”

Elliot saw the sincerely sorry Eugenie’s face and smiled at her, reassuring her.
To be honest, he knew the Duke would come out like that.
Although he was a little rougher than expected.

“It’s not okay.
They were so rude.”

At Eugenie’s words of her resoluteness, Elliot looked at her silently and then said,

“I knew they would come out like that.
Because there are territories everywhere.”

He’s been through a lot of bullying.
To be honest, it’s a bit boring after he had this bone.
But it wasn’t Eugenie.
She leaned over to Elliot.
She looked right at him and she said.

“Just because it’s everywhere doesn’t mean it’s a matter of course.”

Elliot’s eyes, which had widened for a moment at Eugenie’s words, slowly returned to normal.
It was the Eugenie he knew.
His mood, his heart softened.

Just because it’s everywhere doesn’t mean it’s natural.
Elliot certainly knew that.


He looked at Eugenie and smiled.
There was always hope, but he didn’t take it for granted.

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