olve the problem for me.”

Song Zhuohai first frowned.
“Solve the problem? What problem?

“If you’re sick, you should go to the hospital for a check-up first.
For other issues, you can also discuss with your family.

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“Besides, if you want a master to deal with your problem, you should directly contact your aunt.
You know that your aunt has always known a master.

“Something happened to Young Lady Lu’s family, so she should be very busy right now.
You shouldn’t bother her.”

Song Zhuohai’s words were nice and euphemistic, but it didn’t change the fact that he didn’t believe Lu Zijia at all.

Without waiting for Song Zixuan to speak, Song Zhuohai suddenly said to Lu Zijia, “Right, speaking of which, this is kind of like fate.

“Young Lady Lu, you should know Ye Nambo, right? He’s the son of Zixuan’s aunt.”

Hearing the name Ye Nambo, Lu Zijia certainly found it very familiar.

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No, she should say it was very familiar to the original host.

Ye Nambo, the Master of the Ye family, was dignified, distinguished-looking, knowledgeable, and talented.
He had already become the Vice President of the Ye Group at such a young age, which could be said to be truly young and promising.

However, such a young, promising man provoked the original host deliberately after being engaged.

He even slandered the original host by pouring dirty water on her and damaging her reputation after being discovered by Lu Wanyuan.

Classmates at school even avoided the original host as if she was the God of Plagues.

Ye Nambo was also one of the murderers who killed the original host and her first official business was done with the family of Ye Nambo’s uncle.
Lu Zijia must say that this was indeed, as Song Zhuohai said, fate.

Thinking of something, an extremely beaming smile suddenly appeared on Lu Zijia’s beautiful face.

“Of course, I know him.
He’s my future brother-in-law.
How could I possibly not know him?”

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