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Lu Zijia blinked.
She had a feeling that if she answered that she cared, her man wouldn’t let her go easily.

So, Lu Zijia swallowed carefully and shook her head silently.
“I don’t care.”

“Then, why are you still hiding from me?”

Mu Tianyan seemed to be very satisfied with her answer.
He immediately grabbed her waist when she wasn’t paying attention.

Lu Zijia: “…” Why did her man always like to sneak an attack on her? What… kind of hobby was that?

Fine, fine.
So what if two men were hugging each other? It wasn’t like there weren’t examples of two men hugging each other anyway.
What was so strange about that?

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia stopped feeling conflicted.
As for the strange looks from the people around, she ignored them completely.

On both sides of the street outside where the auction was held, there were many stalls selling pills, weapons, or herbs.
In short, there were all kinds of things.

Unfortunately, Lu Zijia didn’t like anything after shopping around.

However, when the two of them were about to enter the auction, Lu Zijia suddenly saw something good.

“Ah Yan, over here!” Lu Zijia pulled Mu Tianyan back excitedly and walked straight to a stall with all kinds of stones.

The stall owner was a young man in his twenties.
Seeing that there was business, he immediately greeted them warmly.

“Sirs, take a look and pick whatever you want.
The stones here are all top-notch.
They’re most suitable to be used for Feng Shui.
And they aren’t expensive either.
Each stone cost 2,000 yuan each.
You definitely wouldn’t suffer a loss or be fooled.
Don’t miss out on such a good deal!”

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