Taoist Mu Qing: “…” Was his disciple’s wife really teaching a child to fall in love?

Mu Ruishu’s face flushed and he seemed a bit frustrated.
“No, Little Bun is a boy, not a girl.
Auntie, don’t keep saying that my classmate is my girlfriend.
This will affect her reputation.”

Lu Zijia looked surprised.
Apparently, she didn’t expect such a young kid to know about one’s reputation.

“Alright then, let’s not talk about girlfriends.” Lu Zijia nodded and agreed easily.
“Then tell me about your little boyfriend.
What’s going on between you and your little boyfriend?”

Mu Ruishu: “…”

Taoist Mu Qing: “…”

Lu Zijia blinked innocently.
“Didn’t you say the little bun was a man? If the little bun is your classmate, he should be a kid too, right? Isn’t he your little boyfriend? That should be correct!”

Mu Ruishu: “…” What his auntie said seemed to make sense.
He was actually speechless.

Taoist Mu Qing: “…” What his disciple’s wife said was really logical.
Unfortunately, it was all twisted logic!

“Auntie…” Mu Ruishu looked at his aunt with a bitter face.

Lu Zijia touched her nose.
It didn’t seem good to bully children!

“Ahem, then tell me first, why are you looking for your Little Bun?” Lu Zijia coughed guiltily and asked with a straight face.

Mu Ruishu’s eyes immediately lit up.
He immediately opened his mouth and told her the reason.

It turned out that the “Little Bun” Mu Ruishu was talking about was his classmate, someone he usually played with.

However, he didn’t go to school today, and he heard that he was kidnapped by human traffickers yesterday.

After hearing this news, Mu Ruishu was sad, but soon, he thought of his omnipotent and super powerful aunt.

So, when he got home, he couldn’t wait to ask Lu Zijia, his “all-powerful” auntie, for help.

Lu Zijia: “…” Omnipotent… This kid really thought highly of her!

“Auntie, do you have a way to find Little Bun?” Mu Ruishu opened his big clear eyes and looked at his aunt expectantly.

Lu Zijia touched her chin and thought for a while.
In the end, she nodded.

Ever since the Lin family’s case, the Director forbade her from taking on another case, saying that she was an alchemist, so she should go home and refine pills obediently.
One case was already the limit.

He even said that she had already been blacklisted by the higher-ups.
No matter which city the Special Operations Office went to, they wouldn’t accept a case for her.

Lu Zijia was so frustrated!

However, it didn’t matter if the Special Administration Office didn’t let her take the case.
She could take cases herself, right?

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia reached out her hand to Mu Ruishu happily.
“Come, come, do you have anything that Little Bun used? I’ll help you find him.”

Hearing that, Mu Ruishu immediately put down the small bag on his back and took out a lamb toy.

“Oh, Master, Master, it’s Lazy Lamb, Lazy Lamb!”

Mu Ruishu had just taken out the toy when the golden pagoda, which was originally sitting quietly next to Lu Zijia and watching TV, immediately pounced over and got the lamb.

However, in the next moment…

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