orship that I’m where I am today.
I’m very grateful to her.
All along, I’ve treated her as my only family.
At the same time, she’s also my idol, an idol that no one can replace.”

Speaking of this, Zhong Jiajia’s eyes turned red and the emotions in her eyes were very complicated.
“But she’s dead.
She suddenly died.
I don’t believe it, nor am I willing to accept it.
But I saw her body with my own eyes.
She’s really dead.
She died so tragically! How could someone as good as her die so tragically? She was even pregnant and the child she had always hoped for died with her.
How could that happen to someone like her?!”

Zhong Jiajia held the cup tightly with both hands, and strong hatred gradually appeared in her eyes.
“Master Lu, can you tell me why such a good person died so miserably?”

Lu Zijia was unmoved and said calmly, “Everyone has their own fate.
You can choose your own path too.”

“Choose my own path?” Zhong Jiajia smiled sadly.
“Yeah, why did she choose a man who can’t remain loyal to her? And that mother-in-law of hers, she’s really hateful, so hateful! Why is there such an evil person?”

Lu Zijia put down the cup and knocked it gently.
“So, you hate the Lin family.”

This wasn’t a question, but a statement.

Zhong Jiajia’s pupils suddenly constricted, but she quickly regained her composure.
“That’s right.
I hate the Lin family, especially her mother-in-law.
I can’t wait for her to die!”

Lu Zijia nodded slightly.
“You scared Madam Lin just to avenge Yao Lefei?”

Lu Zijia had a feeling that Zhong Jiajia’s real purpose wasn’t that simple.

“Scaring her is just to teach her a lesson.
I’m happy to see her suffer.” Zhong Jiajia finally stopped hiding her true colors.
Her originally sweet face looked disturbingly crazeds at this moment.

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