ediately felt like her secrets were seen through.
She couldn’t help looking away in a panic and she even stumbled on the way out.

“Master Lu, this way please.” Mr.
Lin made an inviting gesture at Lu Zijia, apparently planning to show her around himself.

Lin took her to the bathroom of the master bedroom on the second floor first.
Lin stood in the master bedroom with a fearful expression and didn’t dare to enter the bathroom.

“How is it? Is there something dirty?” Seeing Lu Zijia come out, Mrs.
Lin asked impatiently.

Lu Zijia didn’t answer but said, “Let’s take a look at the other places first!”

Madam Lin frowned, as if she wasn’t satisfied with Lu Zijia’s answer.

“Alright, this way please.” Mr.
Lin led Lu Zijia to another place on the second floor.

After looking at the entire second floor, Lu Zijia’s eyes moved slightly and she looked at the stairs leading to the third floor.

Lin, can you take me to the third floor?”

Lin’s expression changed slightly.
He hesitated for a moment before nodding.
“Sure, please.”

“No!” The moment Mr.
Lin finished speaking, Mrs.
Lin’s agitated voice also sounded.

Madam Lin seemed to realize that she had overreacted and quickly explained, “My son’s room is upstairs.
My son didn’t say that he saw anything dirty.
There must be nothing dirty up there.”

Lu Zijia smiled slightly and her bright eyes that were looking at Mrs.
Lin gradually became deep.
“Not seeing doesn’t mean that there isn’t.”

Madam Lin was shocked.
“W-What do you mean? Is there really something dirty in our house?”

Lu Zijia smiled and didn’t answer, and her reaction made Madam Lin think that she had hit the nail on the head.
Her face immediately turned a bit paler.

“Don’t think too much.
You’re scaring yourself.
You didn’t do anything wrong, so what are you afraid of?” Seeing Mrs.
Lin’s obviously guilty look, Mr.
Lin couldn’t stand it and scolded her in a low voice.

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