coerce Alchemist Xu into their factions did not have a good ending in the end, so gradually, no one dared to have any ideas about Alchemist Xu anymore.

In addition, many martial artists needed Alchemist Xu’s help, so Alchemist Xu’s status became more and more stable.

Alchemist Xu had a grandson who was said to be a weak and sickly person.
Even Alchemist Xu himself was unable to treat his grandson.
For so many years, Alchemist Xu offered a huge reward, hoping that someone could cure his grandson.

In the past six years, many people went forward to try, but unfortunately, not only did they fail to cure Alchemist Xu’s grandson, some of them even caused his condition to worsen.

After that, Alchemist Xu no longer let anyone treat his grandson casually, unless it was someone chosen by Alchemist Xu himself.

And now, Alchemist Xu chose Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia didn’t agree rashly, but asked instead, “Mr.
Xu, can you tell me about the patient first?”

“Of course.”

Seeing that Lu Zijia didn’t refuse immediately, Xu Shiwu was delighted in his mind and immediately told her the situation.

It turned out that something happened to Alchemist Xu’s grandson more than six years ago.
Since then, his body was always cold, and when it was a full moon, his body would even become stiff, as if it was frozen.
If he wasn’t still breathing, he would appear no different from the living dead.

After hearing what Xu Shiwu said, Lu Zijia’s eyes flickered slightly.
The symptoms that Xu Shiwu talked about were very similar to the symptoms from eating some kind of fruit that she knew.

If it was really the fruit she knew, she would be overjoyed!

Because that kind of fruit was very useful for cultivators below the Foundation Establishment stage! After taking it, one could have a minor breakthrough in cultivation!

With her current cultivation level at the third level of Qi Refinement, if she took the pills refined by the fruit, she could directly break through to the fourth level of Qi Refinement!

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