Shiyou could endure either.

Mu Shiyou, whose eyes were full of fear, was instantly knocked away and broke the door of the guest room, stopping only when she hit the wall of the corridor.

Then, like a kite with a broken string, she fell to the ground like she was boneless and didn’t move at all.


Mu Sheng, who sent someone flying to vent his anger, wasn’t in a good condition either.
When he circulated his internal energy, the sharp pain in his dantian made the vitality and blood in his body surge.
He finally couldn’t hold back as he spurted out a mouthful of blood and immediately passed out.

In front of Three Treasures’ building.

After getting out of the taxi, Lu Zijia saw three women having an argument with the two guards at the entrance of the company.

Those three women were quite familiar.

“Master Lu.”

The two guards immediately greeted Lu Zijia respectfully when they saw her.

Lu Zijia replied to them with a smile and was about to enter the company, not planning to be nosy.

However, when she was about to step into the door, a woman stopped her.


Zhong Qingran stopped Lu Zijia and ordered her naturally, “Bring us up.”

Madam Zhong and Guo Meiyun finally recognized Lu Zijia and they quickly surrounded her.

“Right, bring us up to see Du Jinqian quickly.
I’m his mother-in-law!” Madam Zhong also said in a confident tone, not embarrassed at all.

Guo Meiyun didn’t say anything.
Instead, she smiled obsequiously at Lu Zijia, as if she wanted to please her.

However, Lu Zijia only thought there was something wrong with her eyes.

“Who are you? Why should I bring you up?” Lu Zijia crossed her arms and glanced at them calmly.

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