oval ointment that was about to be launched, so she certainly wouldn’t reject it.

However, she didn’t sell it to the short-haired woman, but directly gave it to her for free.

Looking at the scar removal ointment in her hand, the short-haired woman couldn’t help feeling a bit flattered.
She asked with a bit of uncertainty, “Is… Is this really for me?”

The scar removal ointment was so effective.
It must not be cheap.
Was it really good to give it to her for free?

Lu Zijia nodded affirmatively.
“Yes, just take this ointment as a thank-you gift for volunteering just then, Miss.
I hope you don’t mind.”

The short-haired woman immediately shook her head after hearing that, as if she was afraid that Lu Zijia would take back the ointment in her hand if she shook her head one step slower.

“No, no, really, I don’t mind at all.
I like it a lot.
Thank you, Master Lu and Three Treasures.
I’ll definitely support Three Treasures’ products in the future.”

The first part was for Lu Zijia and the second part was for the Du brothers.

The products of Three Treasures were so good.
If she didn’t support them, she would be a fool.

She was a girl after all.
Which girl didn’t want to be pretty? She was a girl who wanted to be pretty anyway.

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Everyone looked at the ointment in the short-haired woman’s hand and were all envious and jealous!

They looked like they wanted to pounce on the short-haired woman and take the ointment from her, so they could have it.

The short-haired woman noticed the ferocious gazes around her, so she quickly put the scar removal ointment into her bag and immediately held the bag in her arms, looking like she wouldn’t let it go no matter what.

The Du brothers couldn’t help smiling at each other when they saw this.

Everything their niece made could indeed make a lot of people crazy.

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