d completely changed the fact that Zhong Qingran got a divorce because she despised the Du family, making it sound like they got divorced only in a fit of anger when they were having a fight.

Her eloquence was absolutely excellent!

Du Jinli was so enraged that he almost burst into laughter.
“A fit of anger? She knows her mistake? Why can’t I see that?

“The Du family knows exactly what you’re thinking in your minds.

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“Let me tell you, even if you can completely turn something wrong into right, the Du family will no longer have anything to do with the Zhong family.
If the Zhong family keeps pestering us, don’t blame the Du family for being cruel!

“Brother, let’s go!”

Du Jinli said as he pushed Zhong Chengwei in front of him away.

“Ah! He hit me.
He hit me.
The members of the Du family are hitting people.
Come and take a look.
The Du family came to make trouble unreasonably and they even beat people up!”

Zhong Chengwei, who was pushed away, suddenly had an idea.
He laid on the ground and started yelling at the door.

He immediately held his arm and kept screaming in pain, as if he was seriously injured.

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Seeing this, Madam Zhong and Mr.
Zhong immediately understood what their son meant, so they all played along.

“Du family, don’t go too far.
We only took Xiao Yuan here to stay for a few days out of kindness, since he missed his mother.
It’s fine if you’re not grateful, but you even injured my son so unreasonably.

“Let me tell you, if you don’t give the Zhong family an explanation, we’ll call the cops!”

After Madam Zhong said to the Du brothers furiously, she immediately knelt on the ground and looked at her son with a heartbroken look.
“Son, are you alright? Does it hurt a lot?

“Son, you must hang in there.
You’re our only son.
If something happens to you, how are we going to live?”

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