gaze that was glaring at Huang Shenghui was full of anger.

Everyone who witnessed Lu Zijia picked up Huang Shenghui easily with one hand: “…”

A weak woman? If someone who was able to pick up an adult man with one hand was considered a weak woman, what were they? Were they even not comparable to weak chickens?

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Many men present immediately suffered a huge blow.

“Bullsh*t! If she didn’t trip me, would I fall? Let me tell you, I won’t let you go.
I’ll make you go to jail and pay!”

Huang Shenghui couldn’t care about anything else at this moment.
He only wanted Ye Nanxi and the others to pay for his medical expenses.

The medical expenses and that sum of money were enough for him to return to the village gloriously.
By then, he would see who still dared to look down on him!

“Ha, send us to jail? I think you’re the ones who’s going to jail!”

Ye Nanxi was even more furious and she said while gritting her teeth, “Many reporters took photos of how you fell just now.
You want to threaten us? Dream on!

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“Also, I want to sue you for slandering me.
I’ll definitely sue you until you go to jail!

“Didn’t you say just then that you’re my sugar daddy? Alright, let’s go to the police station together and let the police investigate it .
We’ll see if you have the financial ability to support me!”

Master Lu said just then that this man was a gangster from a poor family.
Let alone a B-list celebrity like her, he wouldn’t even be able to support a walk-on.

As long as the police found out everything about this man, they would know who was lying.

By then, she would definitely take revenge!

After saying furiously to Huang Shenghui, Ye Nanxi waved her hand as if she was afraid that the matter wouldn’t be serious enough and she said to those reporters generously, “Don’t you all want to know the truth? Come along if you want to know.
I’ll definitely welcome you.”

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