ss wasn’t easy to do in this world, so she could only start slowly.

In a luxurious villa zone.

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In one of the villas.

“Where are you going again?”

Feng Kun, who was having breakfast in the dining room, immediately looked sullen when he saw his son walk out of the door without even greeting him.

Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, Wang Jiarong quickly got up and walked towards her son, saying in a low voice, “Son, the rumors outside haven’t passed yet.
You better not go out for now.”

Feng Zixuan glanced at his mother expressionlessly and said with obvious impatience, “They committed suicide.
What has it got to do with me?”

People Feng Zixuan were referring to were certainly his girlfriends, who had dated him but all committed suicide.

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Hearing her son mention those women, Wang Jiarong couldn’t help but feel a chill down her spine and her expression became a bit bad.
“Son, listen to me.
Even though their deaths have nothing to do with you, but… but they were your girlfriend after all.

“Besides, your last girlfriend passed away only two or three months ago.
It’s really not appropriate for you to go out right now.”

For the past three years, all the girlfriends her son had dated had inexplicably committed suicide.
Apart from feeling creeped out, Wang Jiarong also suspected that her son had caught something unclean.

However, she had asked for a lot of Blessing Talismans and had even hired masters to perform a rite for her son, but it was still useless.

This made Wang Jiarong exclaim that her son was unlucky, but there was nothing she could do.

“It’s not inappropriate.” Feng Zixuan didn’t listen to Wang Jiarong’s persuasion at all.
He walked around her and left directly.

“Son, son!”

Watching her son leave quickly, Wang Jiarong was both angry and powerless.
She even frowned tightly.

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