“Girl, who do you think the murderer’s next target is?”

Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows and replied without thinking, “Ye Xinping’s mother.”

“Oh? Why?” Luo Baode pretended to be confused and asked.

Lu Zijia looked at Luo Baode with a faint gaze.
There were some obvious words on her face: “He knows why, but still asked her deliberately.”

Luo Baode: “…” This d*mn girl really had no sense of humor at all!

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“Because Ye Xinping was originally the person who had been chosen, Ye Xinping should have died three years ago, but an accident happened and the victim became her mother.

“Ye Xinping’s mother has already replaced her.
If the culprit wants to complete the Half Resurrection Spell, he must kill Ye Xinping’s mother.

“And the murderer didn’t kill Madam Ye, who had already become a brain-dead person, three years ago because he thought it would be easy to kill her, so he waited till the end.”

Since Lu Zijia didn’t answer him, Luo Baode answered his own question in great detail.

Lu Zijia: “…” Their Director was really a bit childish sometimes!

“Ahem, girl, since you found out about this first, I’ll leave it to you.”

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Noticing Lu Zijia’s weird gaze when she looked at him, Luo Baode coughed in embarrassment and reminded her seriously, “The culprit should have absorbed the blood energy of nine people.
He must be quite strong.
You must be careful.”

Lu Zijia had already expected that Luo Baode would leave the case to her, so she didn’t have much reaction after hearing that.

Without waiting for Lu Zijia to reply, Luo Baode continued, “Hey, girl, didn’t I beat Taoist Qingxuan up for you? Shouldn’t I get something in return?

“For example, I’ll just take five Vitality Pills.
I’ll definitely not be greedy.”

Luo Baode said as he rubbed his hands, looking a bit embarrassed.

Lu Zijia: “…”

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