nd said with an extremely piercing voice, hurting everyone’s ears.

“You little girl, you have a really bad memory.
You’ve already forgotten about your lesson so quickly!”

After hearing what their second son said, Grandma Ghost was dumbfounded for a long time and the Yin energy in her suddenly rose when she saw that her beloved second son was being bullied.

Before Tong Kexin could react, she had already been knocked down on the ground by the Yin energy that came right at her face.


When Tong Kexin was knocked to the ground, her forehead hit the hard marble coffee table and she directly passed out.

“Junior Tong!”

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Che Zhibin, who sat next to Tong Kexin, yelled after seeing this, but his body wasn’t moving at all because of his fear of the two evil spirits.

This showed that his life was more important in his mind.

What he said to Tong Kexin before about protecting her with his life was just bullshit!

Instead, Jin Junyi immediately went to check on Tong Kexin.
Seeing that Tong Kexin only passed out and that her life wasn’t in danger, he was relieved.

“Grandpa, Grandma, I think there must be a misunderstanding between you and Mr.
What do you think?”

Seeing that Grandma Ghost and Grandpa Ghost were about to beat Che Zhibin and Jin Junyi as well, Lu Zijia immediately showed an obedient smile.

Lu Zijia looked totally harmless and it was even more so when she smiled.

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She was like a fluffy little lamb, which made people want to rub her face.

As expected, the Yin energy in Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost that was originally surging gradually reduced after seeing her beaming, harmless smile.

When the two elders sat back down, they became ordinary, amiable old people again.

Jin Junyi was stunned when he saw Lu Zijia comfort these two evil spirits so easily, and he gazed at Lu Zijia with gratitude in his eyes.

If it weren’t for Lu Zijia, the three of them would probably have suffered a disaster today.

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