g, but he doesn’t deserve to die.”

Lu Zijia glanced at her coldly.
“If you want revenge, you should go to the person who really forced you to die.”

Even though the resentment of this female ghost was very strong, she still hadn’t committed the sin of killing.
Apparently, the young man Lu Zjija just saved was her first
target for revenge.

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Hearing what Lu Zijia said, the resentment in the female ghost became even stronger.
Her completely black eyes were full of resentment and strong anger.
“If I knew who really drove me to death, I wouldn’t have been forced to commit suicide!

“So, before I find the real murderer who drove me to death, I’ll take revenge on the others first.
You’re not allowed to help them again, or I’ll kill you too!”
As soon as she spoke, a cloud of black fog opened its giant mouth and suddenly attacked Lu Zijia.

The attack of the female ghost didn’t have much viciousness.
Apparently, it was just to warn Lu Zijia.

However, when the black fog that had turned into a ferocious beast was one meter away from Lu Zijia, it suddenly turned into dust instantly like it self-destructed,
dissipating in the world.

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Seeing that her attack didn’t work on Lu Zijia at all, the expression of the female ghost was extremely sullen.

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But even so, she still didn’t leave and still insisted on killing that young man.

Seeing that she didn’t do anything else, Lu Zijia let her be.

And the young man, who was saved on the other side, was being held in the arms of his crying mother at this moment.

“Miss, miss?”

One of the middle-aged policemen, who persuaded the young man upstairs, called Lu Zijia a few times, but she didn’t react.
He couldn’t help but increase his volume.
Lu Zijia turned around and said, “Excuse me, sir, are you talking to me?”

The middle-aged policeman: “…” So, it wasn’t that this person didn’t hear him after he called her for so long.
Instead, she had no idea that he was talking to her?.

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