n, son, come back quickly.
Don’t scare me.
Come back quickly, come back…”

As soon as Lu Zijia went up, she saw a woman, who pretended to be rich, being held by a policewoman.
She was crying and calling for her son to come back.
“Mom, Mom, help me.
I don’t want to die.
I don’t want to die.
Mom, help me quickly.”

The young man standing outside the fence seemed to be around 18 or 19 years old.
At this moment, his body was leaning forward.
One of his hands was holding the fence

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firmly, while the other was stretched out straight, as if someone was pulling him.

In fact, this young man was being dragged, but it wasn’t a human being that was pulling him, but a ghost.

The ghost didn’t seem very old.
She was only around 22 or 23 and she was very pretty.

“Why do you want him dead?”

Lu Zijia asked the female ghost through voice transmission.

After hearing what Lu Zijia said, the female ghost was startled and she subconsciously looked around, then her surprised gaze landed on Lu Zijia.
“Are you talking to me? Are you a Taoist Master?”

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The female ghost looked very calm.
Even though she guessed that Lu Zijia was a Taoist Master, she didn’t panic.

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Lu Zijia replied calmly and repeated what she said just then.

Judging from the rich woman’s face, she was a very kind person with a good heart.
People like her rarely became enemies with people, let alone doing evil.
And although that young man was a bit capricious and rebellious, he knew the boundaries and had never made any big mistakes.

So, she was very curious why this ghost wanted this young man dead.

“Aren’t you a Taoist Master? You should be able to see how I died, right?” the female ghost asked instead of answering.

“You killed yourself.”

Lu Zijia said with certainty, “He has nothing to do with your death.
You shouldn’t vent your anger on the innocent.”

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