before again.”

This showed how scheming she was.

“What do you mean you don’t know me? You’re the one who gave me money to do evil things.
You gave me this little girl’s date of birth, eight characters of horoscope, hair and blood!

“Otherwise, how would an old woman like me know this little girl’s date of birth and eight characters of horoscope, and even be able to get her hair and blood?”

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Seeing that Chang Yiyue didn’t admit it, the old lady immediately got anxious.
She was worried that Lu Zijia behind her would be displeased and give her another harsh lesson.

She immediately seemed to think of something and quickly took out a bright red post from her body.

“This is a posthumous marriage certificate with this little girl’s blood and hair on it.
When the posthumous marriage was completed back then, this woman had taken this posthumous marriage certificate.
She must have left something on.
Oh right, fingerprints.
She definitely left fingerprints on it.
“If you don’t believe me, you can look for this woman’s fingerprint on this post.

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“Didn’t she say she doesn’t know me, this old woman, and that she doesn’t know what a posthumous marriage certificate is? If her fingerprints are on this post, it’ll prove that she’s lying.”

The old lady spoke clearly.
Together with her certain look, it was easy for people to believe that she was telling the truth..

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