d never thought these two evil spirits would be sitting here without worrying about anything as if they weren’t afraid of the three of them at all.

There were only two reasons why the spirits weren’t afraid of them.
The first one was that these two evil spirits didn’t know that they were Taoist Masters.

The second was that the two evil spirits didn’t take the strength of the three of them seriously at all.

If it was the first situation, it was fine.
However, if it was the second situation, then they…

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Thinking that they might die here today, the expressions of Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin couldn’t even be described easily.

Jin Junyi also looked very serious, but his reaction wasn’t as huge as Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin’s.

Grandma Ghost, who was originally reproaching her son on the couch, seemed to notice something.
She narrowed her old eyes and glanced at Tong Kexin and the others consecutively.

She pulled her old partner next to her with her dry hand and asked, “Hey, old man, are those kids looking at us? Can they see us?”

Grandpa Ghost held his crutch as he listened to his partner without looking up at all.

“What are you talking about? We’re ghosts right now.
How can living people possibly see us?”

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If living people could see them, he wanted to ask his second son why his heart could be so cruel.

He and his wife saved money on food and expenses for many years and bit the bullet to support their second son’s education, hoping that he could be successful one day instead of being a bumpkin like his father.

That said, their second son truly didn’t disappoint him.
He had succeeded a few years after graduating from university.

And yet, his conscience was also lost after he became successful.

He and his wife couldn’t understand it.
Their second son used to respect them when he was little.
Why did he become so ungrateful after he grew up?

Thinking about how miserable the later years of him and his partner were, being tortured to death by illnesses in a dilapidated room, Grandpa Ghost couldn’t help but weep bitterly.

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