something wrong with what Mu Zhong said.
“What do you mean?”

Seeing Mu Zhong’s gloating and complacent smile, Lu Bochuan suddenly had a bad feeling.

Mu Zhong didn’t answer him immediately on purpose.
He put the luggage in the car as he admired the change of Lu Bochuan’s expression.

After putting all the luggage into the car, he chuckled and said, “Mr.
Lu, don’t you understand what I mean? It’s fine if you don’t understand.
I’ll explain a bit more clearly.”


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Xia Fangqing’s expression changed drastically and she quickly stopped him.

Even though Lu Wanyuan’s expression also changed, she didn’t stop him in the end.

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The Lu family was no longer of value right now, so it wasn’t a big deal for Lu Bochuan to know the truth.
Besides, Lu Bochuan might even stop pestering them after that.

Thinking of this, Lu Wanyuan also stopped her mother secretly.

Mu Zhong pursed his lips in displeasure.
“The Lu family will collapse sooner or later and he can’t even protect himself right now.
Why should we be afraid of him?

“I’ve tolerated it for more than twenty years because of you.
What’s wrong with me reuniting with my own daughter and son right now? Are you not going to let me reunite with them for the rest of my life?”

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Lu Bochuan, who heard something from Mu Zhong’s words, couldn’t help but tremble slightly.
His eyes that were staring at Mu Zhong seemed like he wanted to eat someone.

Before he said anything, Mu Zhong continued, “Mr.
Lu, I’m not afraid to tell you right now.
I’m Qing’s university classmate.
We’ve been together since the first year of university.

“You’re just a latecomer, but you have money.
So, I could only endure the pain and let her go.”

Seeing that Lu Bochuan’s face was getting more and more pale, Mu Zhong said even more complacently, “But you also know that women feel lonely very easily..
You have so many women outside and I can’t let go of Qing, so our love naturally rekindled.”

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