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Seeing that her eyes were red and looked like she was about to cry, Lu Zijia couldn’t help worrying that she would have an emotional breakdown.

Du Xiangjun waved her hand.
“I’m fine.
I’m just too happy.
As long as Lu Bochuan is unlucky, I’ll be happy.”

Apparently, she still hated Lu Bochuan in her mind.

However, Lu Bochuan didn’t only tortured her, but also her daughter, even for almost twenty years.
It would be a lie if she said she didn’t hate him.

Of course, she hated herself too.
She hated herself for insisting that it was best for her daughter to stay in the Lu family in the past.

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The thought of her daughter being set up and meeting another man, instead of Mu Tianyan, made Du Xiangjun want to slap herself.

If she hadn’t insisted on not leaving the Lu family with her daughter, her daughter wouldn’t have almost died.
It was all her fault, all her fault! She almost killed her daughter!

“Mom, stop crying if you’re happy.
Those people should be the ones crying.
Trust me, those people won’t have a good ending, including Ye Nambo.”

Seeing that Du Xiangjun was crying while saying that she was happy, Lu Zijia took a tissue to wipe her face and comforted her at the same time.

Hearing that Lu Zijia wouldn’t even spare Ye Nambo, Mu Tianyan’s eyes glittered slightly and the corners of his mouth curved up slightly, showing that he was in a pretty good mood.

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Right, he had one less love rival.
As the real husband, how could he possibly be in a bad mood?

“I believe you, I believe you.”

Du Xiangjun nodded constantly with tears and laughter.
She wanted to ask about her daughter and Ye Nambo in her mind, but she was worried that she would make her daughter sad.
Besides, her half-son-in-law was sitting opposite her.
If she asked, it would affect her son-in-law’s impression of her daughter.

So, Du Xiangjun suppressed what she wanted to ask in the end.

After talking for a while, Du Xiangjun decided to let Old Master Lu use favors and money to help Lu Bochuan, while she wanted all of Lu Bochuan’s properties.

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It wasn’t because she was greedy for money, but because her daughter said that as long as Lu Bochuan lost his money and the Lu family collapsed, with Xia Fangqing’s greedy personality, she would certainly not stay with Lu Bochuan anymore.

By that time, Xia Fangqing would show her fox tail and she might even go far away with that unknown lover.

After all, Xia Fangqing had gained a lot from Lu Bochuan these years.
It should be enough for her to spend the rest of her life with her lover.

By that time, Lu Bochuan would certainly know that Xia Fangqing gave him a huge green cuckold hat.
Then, wouldn’t what happened afterwards be exciting?

It was much better for Lu Bochuan and Xia Fangqing to suffer losses in a dog fight than to let Lu Bochuan go to jail alone.

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As Lu Zijia had expected, Old Master Lu successfully got help from his connections for Lu Bochuan and saved him from going to prison.
However, Du Xiangjun and her mother got all the property.

Of course, Mu Tianyan was one of the reasons why things went so smoothly.

Lu Bochuan had just escaped from the disaster of going to prison.
Before he could catch his breath, the stock price of the Lu Group suddenly dropped drastically.
In just two days, before the Lu family could react, the stock price had directly hit the limit down and collapsed.

Unless someone invested a large amount of money into the Lu Group, it was impossible for them to turn the tables in such a situation.

In order to get help from his connections for Lu Bochuan, Old Master Lu had already used up all the favors he had accumulated over the years..
He couldn’t find anyone to save the Lu Group at the moment.

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