Mu Tianyan, so she nodded and agreed.

Seeing how different her daughter was from the past, there was a trace of bitterness in Du Xiangjun’s loving smile.

“Your uncle told me before that you’ve already become someone else’s wife.
I thought he was joking with me.
I didn’t expect… it to be true.”

Du Xiangjun said as if she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
She immediately dragged her daughter into the villa.
“Let’s go in.
It’s rude to leave them in the living room for so long.”

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After going in, Lu Zijia found that apart from Mu Tianyan and Mu Yunhao, there was another middle-aged man in the living room.

The middle-aged man had a masculine face, but he had a very gentle temperament.
Judging from the righteousness between his eyebrows, he wasn’t someone with evil thoughts.

Seeing the mother and the daughter come in, the middle-aged man stood up, smiled at Lu Zijia and said lovingly, “This must be Jiajia.”

“Right, this is my daughter, Jiajia.”

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Du Xiangjun replied with a smile, then introduced him to her daughter, “Jiajia, this is an old friend I haven’t seen for twenty years.
He just came back recently.
Just call him Uncle Yi.”

Hearing that, Lu Zijia called Uncle Yi as she was told and sized him up again without a trace.

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After sizing him up, a smile of realization and profound meaning flashed through Lu Zijia’s eyes.

No wonder she thought Uncle Yi looked at her mother a bit weird.
It turned out he had feelings for her mother!

It seemed that her mother had met her Mr.
Right after she got away from the scumbag.

Judging from Uncle Yi’s face, he came from a pretty good family.
He got hurt in love when he was young and he still hadn’t gotten married and had children until now.

When he was middle-aged, he would go through a financial crisis and would get through it with his righteousness.
His financial luck would gradually increase steadily in the future..

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