Yunya lowered their heads in shame.

At the same time, Zhu Yunya also told Fang Chengtao her decision.
Fang Chengtao sighed heavily after hearing that and immediately nodded without hesitation.

Even though they also felt sorry for their daughter, their daughter had already been running after doing something wrong a year ago.
It was time for their daughter to know her mistake.

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As parents, they were also guilty for covering up for their daughter, so they would also confess with their daughter.
As for what would happen to them, they would leave it to fate!

After the three members of the Cheng family calmed down and had a reunion for a while, Lu Zijia brought the ghost and the five people to the square that the school usually used for assemblies.

Standing on the stage, Lu Zijia handed the microphone she got from the radio room to Fang Chengtao, then jumped off the stage with a cool look to be the first audience.

The microphone was connected to all the speakers in the school, so everyone in the school heard what Fang Chengtao said once he spoke.
Even the residents and passersby nearby heard him.

After hearing what Fang Chengtao said, many students in the classrooms rushed out.
When they found that Fang Chengtao and the others were on the square, even more of them ran there.

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The students in the second and third years in school basically knew what happened in school a year ago, but they weren’t sure about the truth.

Hearing Fang Chengtao admit the truth himself, all the students in the school were stirred.
They all looked at the members of the Fang family with disgust and anger.

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Especially when they saw that Fang Yingying didn’t feel guilty at all and even said shamelessly that she didn’t do anything wrong and that Cheng Keqi deserved it, many of the surrounding students couldn’t help but bend down to pick something up and throw it at Fang Yingying.

There were people who threw stones, tree branches and snacks.
Lu Zijia even saw a little girl throw out the half-eaten braised egg with her sharp eyes.

It targeted at Fang Yingying’s eye.

For some reason, Lu Zijia suddenly thought of Ultraman in this world…

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