Chapter 383: Everyone Has Their Own Way of Living

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Just like there were good and bad people, there were also good and bad Taoist Masters.
If everyone was the same, how would so many things happen in this world?

Cheng Keqi was first startled, then she smiled innocently and shyly like she did when she was alive.
“Yeah, everyone has their own way of living.
I’m stupid.”

Unfortunately, she only understood this after she died.

Cheng Keqi paused and wanted to say something, but she suddenly turned around as if she sensed something.

There was a faint light coming from the originally dark stairs, followed by a beam of light.

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After a while, Cheng Keqi saw the grandparents, whom she worried about, even after she died.

Excitement filled Cheng Keqi’s eyes and she subconsciously wanted to run over and hug her grandparents tightly.

However, she suddenly stopped halfway and her originally excited and happy face started to become distorted.

Right, she had already become an evil spirit.
She could no longer act affectionate in her grandparents’ arms like she did when she was alive.
Besides, her grandparents couldn’t see her either.
They couldn’t see her…

Two drops of blood rolled down from Cheng Keqi’s eyes without any warning.
In the dark night, this looked particularly horrifying.

Noticing that the resentment in Cheng Keqi showed signs of surging, Lu Zijia casually cast a Calming Spell on her.

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However, although the surge of resentment in Cheng Keqi’s body was suppressed, the hatred in her eyes couldn’t be repressed easily.

“I… I’m sorry, master.
I… I’m late.”

Fang Chengtao, who carried Cheng Keqi’s grandma up six floors without stopping, put her down gently.
His legs finally felt overwhelmed and became like jelly as he immediately sat on the ground.

At the same time, he didn’t forget to apologize to Lu Zijia.

As soon as Cheng Keqi’s grandparents reached the roof, they narrowed their old eyes and looked around, as if they were looking for something.

After failing to find their granddaughter after a while, she asked Fang Chengtao anxiously with red eyes, “Where’s our Qiqi? Didn’t you say that you were taking us to see our Qiqi? Where’s our Qiqi?”

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Grandpa Cheng thought that Fang Chengtao did all this the whole day just to fool the two of them, so he couldn’t help but directly hit Fang Chengtao with his crutch in anger.

Fang Chengtao gasped in pain after being hit by the crutch, but he wasn’t angry.
He turned to Lu Zijia.

His Yin Yang Eye wasn’t open, so he certainly couldn’t see Cheng Keqi, who was standing not far away in front of him.

When Lu Zijia said she was coming to find Cheng Keqi before, Fang Chengtao didn’t know if she had found her, but he really hoped that she had.

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Otherwise, she would probably disappoint the two elders.

Lu Zijia walked towards the two elders and comforted them, “Elders, I can let you see your granddaughter, but you must be mentally prepared.
Don’t be afraid.”

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The two elders were already old and they couldn’t bear huge mood swings, so it was better to take a precaution first.

If it wasn’t that Cheng Keqi was a filial girl and that she still thought about her grandparents in her mind, she wouldn’t have let them meet.

Of course, it would be best if they could fulfill each other’s obsession and have a happy ending.

Hearing that Lu Zijia could let them see their granddaughter, Grandpa Cheng and Grandma Cheng didn’t care if it was true or not.
They just kept nodding.

During this year, they had been thinking about their lost granddaughter all the time.

And now, someone suddenly told them that they could see their granddaughter, who had passed away a year ago..
Even though they knew that this was a lie, they still came with some hope.


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