Zhu Yunya said as she cried in pain.
In the end, she even raised her hand and slapped herself fiercely.
A bright red palm print instantly appeared on her pale face.

This showed how hard and fierce she slapped herself.

Fang Yingying stared at her mother in disbelief and screamed, “Mom, what are you talking about? I’m your daughter, your only daughter.

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“You’re my Mom.
Shouldn’t you love and protect me? Or do you want to stop doting on me like Dad and not treat me as your daughter?”

Suddenly, Fang Yingying seemed like she found the source and she suddenly gazed at Cheng Keqi resentfully.

“Is it her? Do you not want me, your daughter, anymore because of this trash, Cheng Keqi?

“Mom! How can you let her deceive you? She’s a piece of trash that everyone hates and a piece of trash that likes to seduce men! A piece of trash like her should have died a long time ago!”

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Before Fang Yingying finished yelling completely, Zhu Yunya slapped her again.

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“Fang Yingying!”

Zhu Yunya’s chest heaved up and down violently.
She was obviously enraged to the extreme and she looked at her daughter with disappointment.
“I’m very disappointed in you, very disappointed.

“I don’t know where the young Yingying, who used to be obedient and sensible when she was little, has gone.
Why have you changed so much? Yingying, when did I lose my Yingying?”

Fang Yingying had never been looked at by her mother like this.
She felt panicked for no reason in her mind, as if she had lost something important at this moment.

She wanted to keep it, but she couldn’t.

“Mom, it’s Yingying.
I’m here.
Don’t scare me, alright? I’ll be obedient from now on.
Mom, don’t you like shopping? I’ll go with you, okay?”

Fang Yingying, who sensed something, suddenly became cautious and showed a stiff, flattering look on her face.

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