She didn’t even show any guilt in front of us, her parents.
Your daughter is so cold-blooded, and you still think she’s good?”

“I… I…”

Looking at her husband’s disappointed gaze, Zhu Yunya immediately panicked in her mind and she became a bit at a loss.

She knew that her daughter was wrong, but they were Ying Ying’s biological parents.
If she didn’t help her daughter even as a parent, what could her daughter do?

Besides, she had always been arrogant since she was little and she never yielded easily.
Her husband knew this, didn’t he?

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However, facing her husband’s questioning at this moment, Zhu Yunya suddenly thought if she really did something wrong.

But she did it for her daughter!

Fang Chengtao saw his wife’s expression and knew what she was thinking.
He couldn’t help sighing and said, “As parents, we have to point it out when our child goes down the wrong path and bring her back to the right one, instead of blindly indulging her and letting her make mistakes.

“You said these things to me when you were pregnant with Yingying.
Don’t you remember?”

Hearing this, Zhu Yunya’s heart suddenly shook and the scene where she said these things back then instantly appeared in her mind.
Tears instantly burst out of her eyes without any warning.

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And something in her heart seemed to have collapsed at this moment.

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“Sorry, I… I… Slap!”

Zhu Yunya, who suddenly came to her senses, looked regretful and sorrowful.
She even raised her hand and slapped herself fiercely afterwards.

Fang Chengtao subconsciously wanted to reach out his hand to stop her, but he still retracted it in the end.
He turned to Lu Zijia and said seriously, “Master Lu, I’ll leave everything to you.
Everything I said just now counts.”

Judging from Fang Chengtao’s determined attitude, he had apparently made up his mind to exchange his life for his daughter’s..

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