lose you, Yingying.

Zhu Yunya trembled as she held her lost-and-found daughter tightly and burst into tears uncontrollably.

As a father, Fang Chengtao also had tears in his eyes, but he still quickly thanked Lu Zijia.
“Thank you, master.
Thank you so much.
If it weren’t for you, my daughter…”

Speaking of this, Fang Chengtao, a man, couldn’t help but choke slightly and couldn’t continue talking.

Lu Zijia shook her head.
“The cops are here.
You should deal with them first!”

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Fang Chengtao quickly replied and told his wife to keep an eye on his daughter, then went downstairs in a hurry.

After dealing with the cops, Fang Chengtao went up to the second floor again in a hurry and went to his daughter’s room.

Lu Zijia and the others were already waiting here.

Fang Yingying curled up in a corner of the bed with her hands holding her knees and stared at Lu Zijia firmly with dark circles in her eyes, as if she was very vigilant against her.

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Lu Zijia stayed still.
She sat firmly on the couch in the room, as if she didn’t notice Fang Yingying’s vigilance.

Zhu Yunya, who was standing by the bed, was afraid that her daughter would overreact, so she dared not to get close to her.
Even though she had stopped crying, her eyes were still red, making her look very pitiful.

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Seeing her husband come in, Zhu Yunya immediately seemed to have her backbone back and she couldn’t help but want to cry again instantly.

“It’s alright, it’ll be alright.
I’ve invited Master Lu back.
Master Lu will definitely be able to save our daughter.”

Fang Chengtao quickly walked up, then grabbed and patted his wife’s hand to comfort her.

After two weeks, Zhu Yunya’s temper had become calmer.
Even though she didn’t really believe in Lu Zijia, this master who looked about the same age as her daughter, she still had a trace of hope.

She hoped that a miracle would happen..
She hoped that Lu Zijia could really save her daughter.

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