expressionless Lu Zijia couldn’t help but twitch the corners of her mouth and she almost puked out of disgust.

Why did she feel like Ye Nanbo was a hypocritical guy? And he was even like the kind of woman who would insist on demanding a monument for her charity after being a bitch.

The original host fell for such a hypocritical guy.
What a waste of her huge eyes!

When Ye Nambo wanted to continue expressing his affection, Lu Zijia finally spoke, “Stop at the park ahead!”

Ye Nambo followed her gaze and a strange light flashed through his eyes the next second.
“So, you still remember the place where we had our first date.”

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Lu Zijia: “…”

What kind of fortune did she have? She randomly chose a place and it turned out to be such a disgusting place!

However, Ye Nambo, this hypocritical guy, wasn’t a man at all.
When he went out with other women, he would go to high-end places, but when he went on a date with the original host, he went to places that didn’t cost too much instead.

For example, free parks and free beaches.
The most expensive place was the hotel where he met the original host before she died.

Unfortunately, Ye Nambo didn’t choose the hotel that was the most expensive, but Lu Wanyuan.

The original host’s life could be said to be truly tragic!

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Of course, the original host was right to insist that no matter how much she liked Ye Nambo in her mind, she would never have any intimate relationship with him, not even a kiss.

Perhaps this was why Ye Nambo wanted the original host more and more?

The moment the car stopped, Lu Zijia got out of the car and walked straight into the park.

It was noon right now and the park at noon looked very cold and empty.

However, it was convenient for the two of them.

“Are you here for the Song family?”

Lu Zijia walked to a river and stopped, asking Ye Nambo coldly with her back facing him.

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