ng Zixuan was here to interrogate him again when he saw Song Zixuan and his expression was full of anger.

However, he had nothing on him right now and he was drugged.
He couldn’t escape even if he wanted to, let alone do anything to the members of the Song family.

“Ha! I think you won’t cry until you see the casket.
Do you really think the Song family can’t do anything to you?”

Seeing that Master Li was still threatening him at this moment, Song Zixuan was so enraged that he laughed instead.
He stared at Master Li with a gaze full of piercing coldness.

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No matter who the mastermind was, Master Li was an accomplice who killed his grandma and almost destroyed the Song family.
How could the Song family let him go so easily?

As for the Maoshan Sect, he didn’t believe that the Maoshan Sect could do anything they wanted!

He knew that there was a Special Administration Office in the capital city.

No matter how domineering the Maoshan Sect was, they still had to be careful about the Special Administration Office of Capital.

Before Master Li said anything, Song Zixuan moved aside slightly so that Master Li could see Mu Tianyan sitting behind him and Lu Zijia sitting on the couch clearly.

“You should know the Second Master of the Mu family, right?”

Song Zixuan’s face was full of sarcasm.
“If you have the guts, repeat who the mastermind is in front of the Second Master of the Mu family.

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“If you don’t, you’ll be a coward!”

“You… You!”

Recognizing Mu Tianyan, Master Li immediately looked pale and his forehead was covered with cold sweat.

After hearing what Song Zixuan said, his face even turned green and pale.
How exciting!

Having been in the capital city for a few years, Master Li certainly knew Mu Tianyan, this living King of Hell.
He even knew that Mu Tianyan was a Martial Artist and wasn’t someone he could mess with at all.

So, he had deliberately avoided this devil all these years when he was in the capital.

He had never thought that he would still bump into him.

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