you for saving him and for giving him a chance to atone for his sins.”


Lu Zijia nodded without much emotion after hearing that.
Apparently, she was a bit indifferent and cold.

In fact, Lu Zijia couldn’t be blamed for being so indifferent.
Life and death were too common in the cultivation world, so it wasn’t strange that she would become numb.

“Is there anything else?” Lu Zijia took the initiative to ask after thinking for a while.

Song Zixuan, who felt like he couldn’t communicate with Lu Zijia: “!!!” Could he just leave with a flick of his sleeve?

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Song Zixuan took a deep breath and spat out every word one by one while gritting his teeth, “We’ve caught Master Li and we’ve also asked him about the mastermind.”

Master Li was the Taoist Master who was hired by Song Zixuan’s aunt, Song Zhuolan, to harm the Song family.

Lu Zijia’s eyes turned slightly.
“Isn’t it good that you’ve figured out who the mastermind was? Or, the mastermind is someone the Song family can’t deal with and you want my help?”

Song Zixuan calmed down and glanced at Mu Tianyan with a fearful and complicated look.

Lu Zijia narrowed her eyes and looked at him with something in her mind, waiting for what he was going to say next.

“Song Zhuolan and Ye Mingyang did order Master Li to set the Mu family up, but the biggest mastermind…”

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Song Zixuan spoke as he looked at Mu Tianyan again and said a name clearly, “It’s Mu Zhengyuan.”

Mu Zhengyuan was the previous leader of the Mu family, also Mu Tianyan’s father.
He had already passed away.

Hearing the name of his father, Mu Tianyan’s eyes focused and he stared at Song Zixuan with an unusually fierce gaze.

Song Zixuan immediately felt like a prey that was targeted by a hunter and his mind shook abruptly.

However, he forced himself to hang on and not to retreat.

“I’m telling the truth.” Song Zixuan said with difficulty under the pressure that almost crushed him.

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