uo Meide said as he “politely” pushed Lu Zijia’s hand away.
In fact, he used a few spells.

Lu Zijia certainly noticed it, but she only raised her eyebrows and retracted her hand at the same time, calmly resolving the power of Luo Meide’s spells.

Seeing her relaxed look, Luo Meinde couldn’t help feeling surprised secretly in his mind.
At the same time, he became even more cautious about Lu Zijia.

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He was testing Lu Zijia’s mind just then, so he only used 30% of the power of the spells.
He had never thought that Lu Zijia would be able to deal with it so easily.

Even a level-3 sorcerer of the Special Administration Office couldn’t do this.

The sorcerers in the Special Administration Office were divided into five classes.
Apart from the special class, there was the first class to the fourth class

The special class was the highest and the fourth class was the lowest, while Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin both belonged to the fourth class.

There was a glint in Luo Meide’s eyes.
It seemed that Jin Junyi didn’t exaggerate Lu Zijia’s ability.

Luo Meide was thinking about something in his mind as he really started to check Lu Zijia’s talismans.

However, the more he looked at them, the more shocked he was.

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“You… You can draw four types of talismans?!”

Luo Meide raised his head abruptly and looked at Lu Zijia, looking like he was looking at a little monster.

Not many people could become a sorcerer, but even fewer could draw talismans.
Besides, even if people could draw talismans, the quality of the talismans most of them drew was not good.

Normally, it was already pretty good that a sorcerer could draw one or two types of talismans, but Lu Zijia could draw four types and even guaranteed the quality completely.
She looked like a monstrous genius no matter what!

Although he didn’t have the ability to draw talismans, he could see that the 18 talismans Lu Zijia took out were all of very good quality.
They could even be said to be slightly better than the talismans drawn by famous masters.

But after thinking about it, Luo Meide thought that it was impossible for Lu Zijia to draw such good talismans.

It was more likely that these talismans were drawn by someone behind Lu Zijia.

Thinking of this, Luo Meide wasn’t shocked anymore.

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