Mu Tianyan nodded as if nothing had happened and opened his thin lips gently as he replied with one word.
No one could tell how he felt.

“Madame, you have the Namo Buddha Lotus.
Are you the person who took it away that day?”

Mu Yunhao asked Lu Zijia as he looked at her with a slightly complicated gaze in disbelief.

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Mu Yunhao first thought that Lu Zijia wouldn’t admit it even if she was really that person.

Unexpectedly, Lu Zijia admitted it openly, and she admitted it very directly!

Are you surprised?”

The smile on Lu Zijia’s face was so bright that it was about to blind Mu Yunhao.

Mu Yunhao: “…” She admitted it so directly and wasn’t guilty at all.
He couldn’t help but admire her!

As if she didn’t notice Mu Yunhao’s strange expression, Lu Zijia stepped to the side and showed the Namo Buddha Lotus that had already been planted behind her.

“Look, I planted this myself.
How is it? Did I plant it well?”

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Looking at Lu Zijia, who didn’t seem uncomfortable at all, Mu Yunhao couldn’t help but exclaim deeply in his mind, “Madame is indeed the Madame.
She’s so calm!”

Mu Tianyan looked at the Namo Buddha Lotus, which wasn’t damaged and showed no sign of withering.
His eyes immediately became deep.

“Pretty good.”

Mu Tianyan nodded slightly in appreciation.
“Although the Namo Buddha Lotus isn’t a peerless treasure, many people have eyes on it.
Are you going to just plant it here?”

In fact, Mu Tianyan was quite happy that Lu Zijia could plant the Namo Buddha Lotus in the old mansion of the Mu family.

Because this proved that Lu Zijia only showed the Namo Buddha Lotus to him because she trusted him.
In other words, Lu Zijia had already started to trust him slowly.

Lu Zijia certainly thought of what Mu Tianyan could think of, but she wasn’t worried at all.

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