use you for a demonstration.”

After saying that, Lu Zijia immediately wanted to demonstrate it with a straight face, while Song Zixuan was so scared that he jumped three feet high and even ran behind Mu Yunhao to seek protection.

“No, no, no! I don’t doubt it.
I don’t doubt it at all.
I absolutely believe what you say, Master Lu.
I’ll believe whatever you say.”

Seeing his cowardly reaction, Lu Zijia rolled her eyes silently.
He was so cowardly, but still dared to be so curious.
He was truly asking for trouble!

Mu Tianyan, who saw that Lu Zijia was playing Song Zixuan on purpose, curled the corners of his mouth slightly and a trace of smile flashed through his eyes.

It seemed that his wife was mischievous.

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Before Mu Tianyan thought about anything else, his phone suddenly rang.

He looked at the caller ID and raised his eyebrows slightly.

In just a moment, Mu Tianyan had already given Lu Zijia the phone that was already connected.
“Ruishu is looking for you.”

Lu Zijia looked surprised.
“The little boy is looking for me? Why is he looking for me? Did he get into trouble again?”

Even though Lu Zijia said so, she still took the phone from Mu Tianyan.

“Hey, little boy, did you skip class again to run around and get caught by a weird uncle?”

This was what Lu Zijia blurted out the moment she answered the call.

Song Zixuan and Mu Yunhao on the side couldn’t help feeling a bit speechless after hearing that.

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Hearing what Lu Zijia said, Mu Ruishu on the other side of the call was enraged, as expected.

However, he kept in mind that he still had something important to do, so he didn’t argue with the bad woman.

“Bad woman, go save Yuanyuan quickly! Yuanyuan has called you many times, but she couldn’t reach you.

“Bad woman, are you really a fraud? Are you going to run away after getting the deposit?”

Hearing that, Lu Zijia suddenly remembered that she forgot about another deal and she couldn’t help feeling a bit guilty.

However, she said, “Kid, what are you talking about? I’m a real master.
How can I be a fraud?

“Also, when did I accept the deposit? You little kid, you slandered your auntie just for a little lover.
You’re truly a little ungrateful kid.

“I can’t believe your uncle raised you to become so fair and chubby.
What a loss!”

Mu Tianyan, who was also dragged into this: “…”

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