Jiang Jinfu is ruthless.
He dared to kill Hanlin.
He’d definitely dare to lay a hand on you and your son.

“I’ve already killed Hanlin.
I can’t watch anything happen to you and your son, so I can only make the first move.

“Anyan, Xiao Liang, it’s all my fault and my sin.
I don’t expect you to forgive me.
I only hope that you two can live well in the future.

“I’ll turn myself in to the police.
I’ll use the rest of my life to atone for my sins.
If this life isn’t enough, I’ll atone for my sins in the next life until I pay them all back…”

Qi Anyan and her son still hated Zhao Wentian a moment ago, but they couldn’t anymore at this moment.

After all, Zhao Wentian didn’t hesitate to commit a murder in order to save them.

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However, it was also impossible for them to forgive Zhao Wentian.
They couldn’t do it, truly couldn’t do it…

Without hearing the voices of Qi Anyan and her son, Zhao Wentian on the other side also seemed to have guessed that they would never forgive him.
He couldn’t help feeling even more sorrowful and regretful.

“Son, you must remember, no matter how tough it is in the future, don’t take a wrong step like I did.
One wrong step and you’ll be doomed forever.
You won’t be able to turn back.

“Son, the family will depend on you from now on.
Your mother isn’t well.
You must pay more attention.

“And Kexin, keep an eye on her.

“She’s innocent.
Don’t let her run around.
What I’m most worried about is that she might be kidnapped.”

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Zhao Wentian said a lot intermittently, all of which were reminders and sorrowful words.

Even though Zhao Ziteng was already a grown man, he couldn’t help but cry at this moment.

After hanging up, there was dead silence all around.
No one spoke again, or rather, they didn’t know what to say.

As for Jiang Jinfu, he wanted to say something, but Lu Zijia had sealed his mouth with a spell, so he couldn’t say anything even if he wanted to.

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