The coroner is guessing that this attack should be the one that killed the owner.

“The owner of the skeleton has been dead for more than twenty years and the identity of the skeleton still hasn’t been found yet.”

Song Zixuan explained briefly and immediately asked Lu Zijia, “What about you? What did you see? Is the owner of this skeleton that evil spirit?”

Lu Zijia nodded.
“Same aura.
The skeleton belongs to that evil spirit.

“Besides… he even showed up inside.
Unfortunately, we were a step too late.”

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Song Zixuan, who was driving, almost drove the car in S shape when he heard that the evil spirit showed up at the police station.

Damn! That evil spirit had shown up! He had been at the police station for a while before!

Besides, he even glanced at the skeleton like crazy.
He wondered if the evil spirit was there at that time and if it left any marks on him.

The more Song Zixuan thought about it, the more he couldn’t stay calm.

Noticing that there was a huge change in Song Zixuan’s mood, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but glance at him strangely.
“Are you afraid?”

Song Zixuan, who was being seen through: “…”

He was just an ordinary new human being.
How could he not be afraid when he encountered such things?

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However, as a man, he couldn’t admit it even if he was afraid!

Seeing that Song Zixuan didn’t say anything, Lu Zijia thought he acquiesced to it, so she comforted him, “You have the Blessing Talisman I drew on your body.
Even if ghosts come to you, you don’t have to be afraid.

“However, if too many ghosts come to you at the same time, the talisman will be a bit overwhelmed.

“After all, no matter how capable I am, the talismans I draw can’t fight ten people alone, right?”

However, when her cultivation level rose to the fifth level of Qi practicing, she would be able to deal with ten ghosts alone.

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