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“If you know something but choose to keep it from me, I’m afraid I can’t help you either.”

Of course, she said that only to force Zhao Ziteng to speak the truth.
Her intention was certainly to save time.


Liang Yuhua saw that there was something wrong with her son at this moment and she had her heart in her throat.

Zhao Ziteng smiled wryly and sighed.

“I indeed know about this, but I didn’t ask around much.”

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He couldn’t even hide himself under the circumstances back then.
How would he possibly take the initiative to talk to the people in the village about it?

Lu Zijia smiled after hearing Zhao Ziteng admit it.

“You’ve indeed been back here.
You even followed Mr.

As soon as Lu Zijia spoke, Zhao Ziteng instantly showed an astonished look.
Apparently, he had never thought that she would know about this.

Lu Zijia then took the initiative to explain, as if she knew what he was thinking in his mind, “You have the dark energy and resentment of the same aura on you that Mr.
Zhao has.

However, the dark energy and resentment you got aren’t much and your body wasn’t marked, so nothing happened to you like Mr.

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“According to my observation, that evil spirit originally stayed in this house, but it already left a few days ago.

“And you, you have dark energy and resentment on your body and know that a skeleton was found on the mountain behind the village.

“Calculating the time, you either came the same day as Mr.
Zhao or within a couple days after he came.”

Hearing Lu Zijia’s reasonable and evident remark, Liang Yuhua, his mother, was first shocked.

“This… This… Ziteng, did you really come back here? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Her son used to notify them when he was on a business trip or when he was going somewhere so that they wouldn’t be worried.

Besides, going back to his hometown didn’t seem to be something that he had to hide.
Why did her son…

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