Chapter 150: Settling the Scores, Getting a Dose of His Own Medicine

“Tut-tut, I complimented you just now.
After a while, your legs became like jelly.
This is really…”

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Lu Zijia looked at Song Zixuan, who was sitting on the ground, and shook her head while sighing as if she shouldn’t have complimented him.

Song Zixuan was so angered by her that he no longer had a temper anymore.

Without waiting for Song Zixuan to argue, Lu Zijia’s attention shifted away from him.

There was anger in Song Zixuan’s chest immediately, and he almost suffocated himself to death.

“I almost forgot that we still haven’t finished settling the score between us.
Tell me, who issued the order to catch my Mom?”

Lu Zijia put up a serious expression as her cold eyes glanced over Lu Bochuan, Lu Wanyuan, and Old Master Lu, who had been remaining quiet, one by one.

Lu Zijia had already noticed the suspicion when Old Master Lu looked at her, but she didn’t care at all.

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Even if Old Master Lu doubted her, then what? From the moment she was reborn, she was Lu Zijia.

If she didn’t admit it, nobody could do anything about it.

“Someone! Catch this unfortunate quickly!”

When Lu Zijia’s gaze returned to him again, Lu Bochuan knew he was in danger and he directly yelled at the door loudly without caring about his dignity.

However, the two bodyguards at the door had already been knocked out by Song Zixuan.
How would they hear his call?

As for the remaining bodyguards, they were also arranged to the backyard on purpose by him, just to show Lu Zijia how powerful they were.

He thought that Lu Zijia would definitely get in from the back door when she couldn’t come from the front door.
And yet, Lu Zijia didn’t act according to common sense at all.
The people he arranged at the back door were kind of wasted.

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The entire villa was soundproofed and there was quite a huge distance between the backyard and the living room, so the people at the back couldn’t hear Lu Bochuan’s shout at all.

Lu Bochuan was now kind of tricking himself and getting a dose of his own medicine.

“Looks like you must be the mastermind who issued an order to catch my Mom,” Lu Zijia ignored what Lu Bochuan said and walked towards him step by step.

Lu Zijia seemed harmless on the outside, but Lu Bochuan felt an inexplicable pressure and fear for some reason.

He had never had such a feeling even when he was facing his father.

“Sister, what are you doing?”

Seeing that Lu Zijia was about to lay a hand on her father, Lu Wanyuan stepped up and stopped her at an “appropriate” time.

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And yet, although she stepped up, she didn’t stand in front of Lu Bochuan.
She was trying to stop Lu Zijia verbally.

Lu Zijia didn’t even glance at Lu Wanyuan.
She continued moving closer to Lu Bochuan constantly.

“That’s enough!” Old Master Lu, who had been silent, suddenly shouted to stop her at this moment.

However, how would Lu Zijia possibly listen to him?

“Now you think it’s enough? Isn’t it a bit too late?”

Lu Zijia glanced at Old Master Lu with irony in her eyes.
As soon as she spoke, she smacked her right hand with the spiritual power of the thunder element at Lu Bochuan abruptly.

Seeing that Lu Zijia dared to attack her own father, a smirk flashed through Lu Wanyuan’s eyes.

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Just make a fuss.
The bigger the fuss that Lu Zijia made, the better for her.
She didn’t believe that the Lu family would still tolerate Lu Zijia and her mother when things reached a point where they couldn’t be dealt with!

Imagination was beautiful, but would reality really go as Lu Wanyuan thought in her mind?

“Sister, you…”

Lu Wanyuan played her role as a good daughter very well.
She wanted to rebuke Lu Zijia right after she made an attack.

However, when she looked at what Lu Zijia did clearly, Lu Bochuan was still standing there like nothing happened at all.
Her accusation was then stuck in her throat.

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