ixuan was sent out of the country when he was two and he had just come back recently.

Logically, Lu Wanyuan shouldn’t know him.

However, because of her relationship with Ye Nambo, she had seen Song Zixuan’s photos.
So, she had already felt that Song Zixuan looked a bit familiar when she saw him on Lingde Street last time.

Unfortunately, she didn’t remember Song Zixuan’s identity back then.

Song Zixuan wasn’t surprised at all that Lu Wanyuan recognized him.
Instead, he sneered.

“Looks like Ye Nambo talks about me in front of you quite often,” Song Zixuan said in a strange tone, which made Lu Wanyuan a bit confused about his attitude for a second.

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The incident that Song Zhuolan and her son were banished out of the Song family still hadn’t spread.
Considering their own interests, they certainly wouldn’t be dumb enough to spread it themselves.

So, even as Ye Nambo’s fiancée, Lu Wanyuan was also kept in the dark.

If she knew, she would understand why Song Zixuan treated her with such an attitude.

Unfortunately, she had no idea right now.

“Pretty good, you don’t lack an arm or a leg.
Looks like I’ve underestimated you.”

Feeling Song Zixuan’s fierce stare, Lu Zijia sized him up like nothing happened and complimented him with a smile.

However, Song Zixuan, who was being complimented, wasn’t happy at all.
His expression looked even more sullen.

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This despicable woman, don’t think that he would just let her go after complimenting him casually.
Totally dreaming!

“Haha, should I thank you for having so much faith in me?”

Song Zixuan was only smiling on the outside and he spat each word out one by one while gritting his teeth.

Lu Zijia rubbed her ears.
She thought that his speaking speed was really tiring.

Fortunately, Song Zixuan didn’t know what Lu Zijia was thinking in her mind.
If he did, he would probably not be able to control himself and would beat her up!

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