Cheng Zhong, his wife, and Cheng Xin’er, who should have been seated in the past, were standing in the middle of the hall at this moment.

“Su’er, how did you…” Cheng Zhong suppressed the dissatisfaction in his heart, raised his amiable face and said to Cheng Su’er.

However, before he could finish speaking, he was suddenly interrupted by Cheng Su’er’s sharp voice.

“How dare you! When did I allow you to speak?!” Cheng Su’er suddenly smashed the teacup in her hand on the tea table and snorted angrily with a dark face.

Ever since he became the lord of a city, Cheng Zhong had rarely been scolded like this, let alone the fact that Cheng Su’er was not only a junior, but also the daughter of a concubine he had never cared about in the past!

However, because Cheng Su’er’s current identity was different from before, Cheng Zhong forced himself to swallow his anger.

“I was rash.
Please forgive me, Madam Su.” Cheng Zhong cupped his hands and apologized with his head lowered and teeth gritted.

Even though Cheng Su’er was an unpresentable concubine, she was still the concubine of the eldest prince.
She wasn’t someone that he, the City Lord, could easily offend.

“Forgive you?”

As if she had heard a joke, Cheng Su’er sneered and glanced at the three people standing in front of her with a gaze as cold as a poisonous snake.

“So Father, you also know that you’re guilty.
Looks like you don’t need my reminder.”

Hearing what Cheng Su’er said, Cheng Zhong and the others immediately became nervous.

Cheng Xin’er wanted to speak angrily, but the City Lord’s wife stopped her in time.

However, Cheng Su’er, who had sharp eyes, still saw their movements.

“Sister, there’s something you want to say.
Why didn’t Madam let you say it?”

Cheng Su’er stared at the City Lord’s wife and said with a warning voice, “Sister, Madam is asking you to say it now.
Why aren’t you saying anything now?”

“Cheng Su’er, you…!”

Facing Cheng Su’er’s obvious hostility, Cheng Xin’er was furious and wanted to say what was on her mind.

However, she was stopped by her mother again.


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