After thinking for a while, Lu Zijia decided to try to bring in the fundamental energy of cultivation into her body.

According to what the memories of the original host told her, she was the Second Lady of the Lu Family, and she was deeply disliked by her father.

She also had one sister who was one year older who had a different mother from her.

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Well, before the original host’s father married her mother, he had already had an affair and a love-child, whom he brought home directly to the Lu Family.

Not only that, she had a 5-year-old brother from a different mother who was brought back to the Lu Family as well.


Her half-sister shared the same parents as her half-brother.

However, because the original host’s mother did not want to leave her position as the legal mother, the mistress who gave birth to her father’s daughter and son, was now still a mistress who had no name or position in the family.

And the reason why the original host was drugged and delivered to Mu Tianyan’s bed was because the eldest son of the Mu Family, the original host’s father, and the mistress had come up with a conspiracy.


When she was reborn into this body, she had to bear the complicated relationships the original host had established.

Therefore, what she needed to do was to return to the Lu Family.
As for what she was going to do after she got home, it would be totally up to her.

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However, she had to make sure that she was capable of defending and protecting herself!

As she was thinking, Lu Zijia soon sealed any thoughts that would distract her and tried to bring in energy into herself through meditation.

Time passed by quickly, and Lu Zijia sat in meditation for more than eight hours.

When Lu Zijia opened her eyes again, her brows were tightly furrowed as if she was deeply bothered by something.

“The magical energy on Earth is much less than that in Cultivation World.
It will take a lot of effort to reach a certain level of cultivation here.”

But luckily, she had the incredible Ancient Space.
As long as she was able to update the space to be one level higher, she would be able to practice cultivation in the space.


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