es in the business sector.

The most important thing was that he trusted his instincts.

Hearing what Song Zixuan said, the three seniors of the Song family frowned even tighter.

If there was someone else behind it, the first one that came to their minds was the Ye family.
It was just that, was it possible?

“There’s indeed someone else behind Song Zhuolan.”

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While the members of the Song family were thinking hard, Lu Zijia suddenly spoke and immediately drew the gazes of the Song family.

Lu Zijia didn’t mind their gazes at all and said calmly, “Song Zhuolan has only sins but no killings.
She has something to do with Old Lady Song’s death, but she didn’t kill her.

“About who else is behind this, you can get the answer from Master Li.”

She cast a spell with the violets just then to send Song Zhuolan into illusions, trying to make her talk about the person who hid the deepest behind.

Unexpectedly, Song Zhuolan only mentioned Master Li.

After witnessing what Lu Zijia was capable of with their own eyes, the members of the Song family believed in what she said with no doubts.

So, they were all shocked in their minds after listening to her.

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There was still someone behind Song Zhuolan.
How much did this person hate the Song family that the person was willing to spend more than two decades on such a huge conspiracy?

The members of the Song family still couldn’t calm their strong emotions after a long time.

“Ah, my people have already found where Master Li lives, but he’s already gone.

“With the power of the Song family, it’s easy for us to find an ordinary person, but it will be difficult to look for a Taoist Master.”

Song Zhuohai clenched his fists tight with regret all over his face.

It would be fine if he was an incapable Taoist Master.
However, Master Li was apparently quite capable, or he wouldn’t almost kill the Song family.

Lu Zijia turned around and gazed outside with a gloomy look.
After a while, the corners of her mouth curved up slightly.

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